Monday, September 17, 2018

jenny & steve : louisville wedding photographer

jenny and steve are such a sweet couple & i loved documenting their day. 

i met jenny when she was a bridesmaid in my name twin 
(megan resch now megan fennerty's) wedding

they were married at st. augustine church in jeffersonville indiana 
& their reception was at the pointe.  

here are a few (well more than a few it was hard to pick!!!) of my favorites:

this guy...

& this one!

the boys. 

the stunning bride. 

the lovely ladies. i adore the color scheme & how beautifully it all goes together.

seriously, child. could you be more gorgeous?

love me some daddy daughter moments. this one was a tear jerker. 

may you always remember to laugh :)

this was up a pretty big hill... i asked if everyone was up for it & they said "yep."
grateful. because this is such a fun photo! 

the skies were perfection.

i love watching my couples... 
it's such a crazy whirlwind of a day &
i kidnap them for as long as i can so they can be together in a moment of calm. 

& then it's party time! 

my favorite pit stop ever while shooting a wedding. 
a few people needed a bathroom break & we ran across the street to steel city pops

congratulations you two!!!!

"falling for him wasn't falling at all. 
it was walking into a house & suddenly knowing you're home."

Sunday, June 24, 2018

will & hannah : louisville family photographer

i love watching will's family grow. 
he is my dearest friend from highschool. i took him to my senior prom despite 
the fact i was dating someone. i knew will would always be in my life 
& my cute beau probably would not.  he's a genuinely awesome person. 
he married another genuinely awesome person & now they have three 
beautiful, funny kids & i get to document their lives. how lucky am i?!

we'll start out with ms. madeline. she is adorable!! 

ryan & raleigh crack me up. 

um... you left me here with these two?

love you guys! 

if you think my hands are full 
you should see my heart.