Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vijay & Pooja

vijay & pooja. vijay is one of bryan's closest friends from oklahoma. they played ultimate frisbee together & their team was ranked 19th in the nation... yes please imagine an al bundy moment ;)

appallingly, vijay's photographer stopped responding to their emails & phone calls about a month before the wedding. they didn't get too worried about it until the week of the wedding & they still hadn't heard from her. so they called me on the tuesday before & asked if i'd be willing to fly to chicago & shoot their wedding. i was officially on stand by. they were going to drive by her office the next morning & make their final decision. vijay called the next morning saying her sign was still there but the office was empty- how heart breaking??? how awful of this photographer. within an hour i'd called my awesome friend, lane, from willow lane photography & hired her to shoot their garba on friday night (i was shooting walter & becca's wedding in louisville), i'd booked my plane ticket & bribed the grandmama's to not only take care of our kids, but decorate, bake & cook for maya's first birthday party that was supposed to be on sunday.

guess who called an hour before the garba started. their... p.h.o.t.o.g.r.a.p.h.e.r.

long story short she says "we have a contract & we're going to honor it."

so, i still went. just in case. we most definitely did not trust this woman & i wanted to be there in case she flaked last minute.

i did my best to stay out of the way. i mainly took pictures during the ceremony (from my seat for the most part) & their first dance (without a flash so i didn't interrupt the photographer's pictures.) i wanted to be respectful, but at the same time if you know me -it took everything i had not to confront her.

anyways, here they are.  our beautiful friends & their beautiful wedding.

the oklahoma gang waiting for the old time school bus to take us to the wedding.

i wish we saw these crazy cats more. 

john was bryan's roommate in college. i wonder how many times this sweet moment happened ;)

groomsmen shaking their tale feathers! 
before the wedding -you dance.  i loved the energy from the entire day.

vijay's parents join him as the ceremony begins...

that's pooja's father with his arms up. i love this photo. 

& that's pooja's mother in the orange sari. loved the dresses -aren't they lovely?

pooja's brothers walked her down the aisle. love this :)

they did it!

guests walking back to the reception.

my kinda girl! 

the bridesmaids looking on...

congratulations you two. i loved being there on your special day!