Sunday, September 27, 2009

jenna & chris's wedding

jenna & chris...

had a beautiful wedding day, a fabulous wedding party & one helluva (excuse my french!) reception.

their designer: was ronda stumler, she did an amazing job.
the band: travelin' mojos, was a lot of fun.
the church: holy family
the reception: mellwood

okay, okay time for pictures!

i love the feel of this photo.

the touchy feely boys :)

the pretty ladies.


jenna's sister, chelsea, gave a sweet speech.

then, the groomsmen got up one at a time & razzed chris for quite a while. it was pretty funny.

i love jenna's reaction to one of the stories.

meet jenna's cousin, megan resch. even stranger... her dad is steve resch. my dad & i have name twins!

the groom's cake was an iphone. it was so cool! chris is a little obsessed with his phone, so it was very appropriate.

& a sweet dance photo to end the evening!

congratulations you two. i truly enjoyed sharing this day with you!

Friday, September 25, 2009


to all of my blog readers, families awaiting their sessions & couples waiting for their wedding photos! i apologize for the delay.

this week everything was postponed because our house was broken into. it's been more miserable than anything, having your space, your sacred space vandalized. every time we return from an errand we hold our breath until we're inside & see that things are as we left them. i'm washing all of our clothes because "they" touched them. we've done the routine things like added motion sensors to every corner of our house, replaced the broken window & door, changed bank accounts, closed credit cards, opened a safety deposit box... the list goes on & on. it's been a tiring week. i'm so grateful i have the weekend off so we can finish cleaning the mess they made & relax.

after this weekend most of the urgent matters will be taken care of & i can get back to editing & toning my last four awesome weddings. i seriously have the best clients! thank you all for your patience & your encouragement!

Friday, September 18, 2009

jenna & chris portraits.

jenna & chris were afraid we wouldn't have enough time on the day of their wedding to do their portraits, at least with the "good light" so they opted for a separate session, before the wedding & it's getting it's own post because we got so many great shots that i couldn't edit it down anymore!

we took pictures at mount st. francis. i'd been on many retreats there & remembered the lake- so that's where we started.


i love this one.

this is my favorite bridal portrait evvvvvver.


yeah shoe detail!!! how great are her shoes?

so good lookin!

these next few ones are grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

i think this should be the cover of a magazine.

we didn't have a bouquet so we picked a few. i love the way they POP on that wall!

love it.

& i saved my favorite for last. so purty.

wedding pictures are next!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ruth & bryan.

are good friends of ours from louisville. we squeezed in a belly session while i was home for 2 weeks in august. their lil baby t is due in november!!!

here are a few of my favorites. i can't wait to meet this babe :)

you guys are going to be such great parents!

i love this one.

maybe my fav of the two of you together.

kissee kissee baby.


me likes!

i'm about to go all hippy on yall... but this one is so mother earth to me.

& just because i'd always wanted to take pictures of people in corn stalks. it's weird i know :)

congrats you two. i can't wait to share this experience with you! happy last few months!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

jenna & chris.

jenna & chris were a blast to work with :) we met to take their engagement pictures at the falls of ohio! i'd never been there before & it was really cool.

my favorite.

so cute.

tied for fav.


jenna & chris... you were so much fun! your wedding photos are coming soon! hope you had fun on your moon :)~