Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HapPy HalLowEEn!!!!!!!

I hope you have a very spoooooooky day.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

family portraits...

tonight i got to spend some time with leon, sundi & the very adorable cooper. we even attempted a family photo with their three dogs & cat! i'm pretty proud i got one decent shot & some funny ones while trying to get everyone placed :) i love these kinds of shoots. where we just play & i let families be themselves. it's always a little awkward because i'm there kinda stalking you while you try to be natural- but after about 10 minutes you forget i'm there and go back to having fun.

here are a few of my favorites & a slideshow.

let me know if you'd like to schedule an appointment for a session. but hurry if you intend to use them for christmas cards!!

yeah picture time!

'it's hard looking this good' says the boxer.

i love how everyone is doing their own thing.

the pups. aren't the bandanna's great?

and then we headed to the park.

rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. cooper does a great impression of king kong & dinosaurs. i'm telling you this kid is talented ;)

so precious. she is celebrating her second birthday this weekend! happy birthday cooper!

we took turns rolling down the hill. i remember loving that game & the dizziness afterwards.

dad's turn!

mom's trick to get cooper to smile.

thanks for playing with me today guys!

please email me at if you'd like to schedule a portrait session!

trash the dress

yesterday was my very first trash the dress session!! this new portrait session is becoming very popular & isn't as bad as you might think. we don't actually "trash" the dress we are just less inhibited with what we can do with it! hannah had mentioned before the wedding wanting to get some cool portraits with the desert landscape, so yesterday we did a mini-hike at flat iron, one of her favorite desert landscapes. she had her dress, some cute cross training tennis shoes & we had some fun with it. we got lots of looks, but not nearly as many as we did at the state fair! yes, after hiking we went to the arizona state fair! i was so excited that they were up for this silly idea- because i think we got some really fun images out of it :) the dress is definitely in need of a very good dry cleaners, but it will be fine for that next time it comes out of it's box!

let me know ladies if you'd like to have a fun session with your old dress!!

it was pretty early in the afternoon... so a little bright, but we decided to see what we could come up with!

i think this may be my favorite one. i think it would look fabulous in a huge frame.

the skies were cooperating very nicely!

there was a tourist town right next to flat iron- that we had to check out.

and then onto the state fair... as we walked past people we could hear them say, they are gonna get that dress so dirty! we're glad they got the point :)

we can't figure out why bumper cars are so much fun, but they are a blast.

i thought this was neat.

ah. the ferris wheel. ah. love.

thanks hannah & tom. that was a lot of fun!

this week is going to be great because it's halloween!!!!!!! my favorite holiday. bryan & i are throwing a lil party at our house on wednesday night, none of that 'the weekend before' crud doodie- in my family we celebrate halloween on halloween. my friends may not like me the next morning as they fall asleep at work, but it will be worth it! so make sure you check back for those pictures- i promise they'll entertain you :)

have a great week.

Monday, October 22, 2007

i am on a roll tonight!

one more post for this evening & by far the most important one.

when i first moved here i found affinity family care , a great organization designed to help families with children that have special needs. i worked as a respite therapist with matthew, a sweet little 3 year old with williams syndrome. ws is similar to autism, but with these unique symptoms: distinctive "elfin" facial appearance, an unusually cheerful demeanor and ease with strangers, (except children- their loud voices are rather disturbing to matt), extreme sensitivity to noises, unpredictable occurring negative outbursts, unusual language skills, a love for music, and health problems, especially cardiovascular.

i've stayed very close with his family after i left & officially started my photography business. i try to see him every few months & help out as often as i can. his mom & grandmother are amazing women that are so very dedicated to him. when i first started two years ago he couldn't talk. while i worked there he learned simple signs, but was still very frustrated from his lack of being able to communicate. i saw him about 2 months ago & was shocked by his improvement. i opened the door to "hi, miss megan!" i almost had a heart attack. i worked with him for 4 days that week while his grandmother was recovering from throwing her back out. he sang songs to me, answered questions & was so much happier. the wheels on the bus never sounded sweeter. if i can remember how to convert video i'll have to put up one of the clips. so precious.

here are some cute pics of matt from my last visit.

i'm posting about matt, not just to show off a cutie, but his mom is running/raising money for the phoenix children's hospital half-marathon. matt spends quite a bit of time there, and even though he is terrified of doctors & even their buildings, the staff there has been great with matt. if you're looking for a great cause to support click on this page. every penny helps!
thank you.

thought i would catch...

you all up. i haven't posted pictures from the weekend in st.louis/springfield.
i had such a great week there that it's shameful that i haven't posted them earlier.

justin is one of my closest friends from college. we were lab manager's together for a year and a half. we had a lot of fun with it. i was in charge of schedule's & renting equipment. if people returned their gear late they had to bring me a strawberry slush from sonic. i miss that job. and my photo department. and all those cool photo cats.

shannon & jonathon from lovelight photography are some of my favorite people.

i only got to see them for less than 24 hours, but it's so worth getting lost & a rock hitting my windshield!

i left springfield & headed back to st.louis for sara's wedding. here are a few of my favorites from the day. i didn't take many because i didn't want to get in the photographer's way but it was sooo hard!!! he was more of the posed style & so many great moments needed me to capture them :)

sara's dad seeing her for the first time in her spectacular dress. he cried like a baby, a sweet, sweet baby.

i thought this was a cool quiet moment.

the beautiful bridesmaids.

the elevators were so cool.

sara & john.

rachel & her mom.

chris & his grandma.

the arch.

they took pictures at this cool park.

on the way to the reception. doesn't she look beautiful?

we finally found a cool song on the radio & sara was shakin her booty & didn't spill the champagne!

sara & i.

sara & her papa. i love this shot.

the best man & sara doing "their dance"

sara & her brother. funky cool exposure.

a beautiful wedding. a very fun couple. a great weekend.
i was honored to be a part of your wedding sara!

long beach cali.

this weekend bryan & i headed to long beach for a geography conference. he presented his thesis & did very well. we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, learning to surf & eating some yummy food, especially pinkberry yogurt - i'm obsessed. we got to visit some friends that moved there earlier this year -so it was all around a great weekend.

here's a few of my favorite pics:

the wind farm is so cool. a little eery, but very cool.

bryan & i & yummy thai food.

rachel, me, bryan being goofy & ann.

totally in love with green tea, strawberries & raspberries. sooooo gooood.

bryan surfing.

me surfing. it's definitely a little hard on your body, but it was easier to pick up than i expected.

ann. hillarious.

random dude. ann. me. bryan. lindsey. random person surfing the wrong direction!
i almost killed bryan. i surfed over him. he was under the wave enough he didn't feel a thing :)

lindsey & jim being adorable.

so many funny dogs on the beach.

& super cute old guys. i have a thing for old guys. they are too much fun.

the santa ana winds were crazy. we couldn't smell or see the smoke from the intense fires up north, but it was easy to understand how crazy it must be.

oh, how i love vacations.