Thursday, May 13, 2010

mother's day.

what an important holiday- and i'm not just saying that because i'm a mama now. but seriously. one day a year to honor the woman that brought you into this world. that held you when you were sad as a child, that listens to your complaints as a teenager & loves you even when you're ten times more difficult than you were in your terrible two's... that when you're an adult is your best friend.

here's a big shout out to my mama. i love you. thanks for being a fabulous mother.

women are special. there's no way around it. their bodies are amazing. they're in tune with the world in ways men just aren't capable of... not that they can help it. but women. i use to wish i'd come back in my next life as a guy- they seem to have it so much easier. but now after becoming a mother myself- i respect being a woman so much more. i respect other women SOOOO much more.

bryan made mother's day incredibly special! he made me breakfast & took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant for dinner & then arranged for us to have our first family portrait session, just the three of us. our friend jill met up with us to do the honors. jill was also the one to document finn's birth. kinda cool that a year later she'd document another awesome milestone in our lives. (we're actually one month early, finn wasn't born until june 11th.)

we have made a pact to get a session done every year. on mother's day or around there. as a gift to our family, so that our history is remembered, documented & cherished. i know this is going to sound like a sales pitch, since i'm a photographer but. now, more than ever i realize how important that is. i believe in that even more! sure we have a ton of pictures of finn, of finn with bryan, of me & finn. but we have very few good shots of the three of us together. and that's what's important... us as a family. visual documentation of us interacting together. laughing together, hugging one another, chasing after the little one, wrestling with him to sit & smile when what he wants to do is explore that patch of grass over there. i know these are the photographs i'm going to cherish most when he's off to college. i'm going to stop with that because now i'm sad. he'll go to college one day!!!!

so. i wanted to share a few of my favorites that jill took. thanks jill... you're the best!

ah. life is good.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

some exciting news...

megan resch photography has a new look!!!!!

my web designer/programmer & i have been working so hard on it and we couldn't be more excited. thanks jeff, you're the best.

please check it out & let me know what you think!

the blog's new look is coming soon :)