Monday, November 26, 2007

a few pictures

from our weekend in albuquerque. evelyn is 8 months old now. she spends her days giggling & being adorable. we went hiking on saturday at the sandia mountains so evelyn & skye could play in the snow. there was over 4 inches everywhere & it was beautiful. i'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

here she is. our precious baby.

here are the puppies loving her.

bryan making evelyn "ride" skye.

too cute.

and a few snow details:

the beautiful view.

evelyn loving it.

kylie disappeared for about 20 minutes- she wanted to explore the road less traveled i guess.

jodie, evelyn & neil.

skye, me, bryan & kylie. i think this will be our christmas card.

the beautiful winter landscape has gotten me in the mood for christmas! i can't wait for the holidays!

there's still time for some family portrait sessions for your christmas greeting cards. so call or email if you're interested. 502.751.6800/

Thursday, November 22, 2007

it's 10pm

in albuquerque & our thanksgiving festivities have all but wrapped up. bryan & his brother are playing video games & i just finished watching october road (i lllllllllllooooooooooveee this show). evelyn is sleeping soundly & jodie is laying on the couch laughing at the boys. the dogs have found their favorite spots on the carpet and are worn out. hey, a 7 hour drive will do that to you.

i have some exciting news- while i've been inside watching my thursday night shows it's been snowing. the ground is completely covered. i dont know that it's ever snowed on thanksgiving before- kinda cool. the reason this is so awesome is because skye has never seen snow! it doesn't happen all that often in the desert.

tomorrow morning is going to be so much fun.

kylie loves snow- in college when it snowed she wouldn't come inside, she refused to stop playing in it & running around. so, hopefully skye will get over her nervousness about it quickly & learn to love it with her sister.

i'll be sure to post some pictures of them frolicking if it hasn't melted by the time we wake up!

i hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving with friends & family.

Monday, November 19, 2007

some old & some new...

now that it's almost a full moon again i thought i'd post two pics from last month's midnight paddle. it's such an awesome experience to be in a kayak, paddling around by moonlight only. it was my first time partaking in arizona, but i went several times at silver bay. i love it.

last saturday was our ultimate frisbee tournament for fall league. bryan & i co-captained for the first time together. with his knowledge/skills & my loud obnoxious cheerleadie voice we thought we had something. what we had was a very fun team -whose name was ultimate, huck yeah! we finished the season with two wins but not by enough points to carry us to semi's. so we heckled instead which is almost more fun :) here's a few pics from the day.

our team! plus a few mascots.

tess, emily's adorable dog watching ernestly.

our team huddle before our very last point... and me peeking :)

bryan & i after we were all done & a little worn out.

tess & emily.

nathan reaching for my camera. i had my small point & shoot & he wasn't use to such a small camera so he thought it was a toy! which it is. a fun, fun toy.

his twin sister isabelle. their dad, tyler plays for taco technique.

at the end of the day during finals. we drink, eat subs & yell loudly for our favorite team.

i've grown to looooooove ultimate. it's such a great sport with great people. we've made some of our closest friendships in phoenix through ultimate. i recommend finding out about the league in your area & playing.

happy thanksgiving if i don't blog before tomorrow!!

we are heading with dogs in tow to new mexico to visit bryan's brother, sister n law, oreo & evelyn!

the hamblett's

on friday i did a portrait session with the hamblett's. i shot their wedding last january & helped decorate their new exciting business kidsu! we headed to kierland's westin in uptown scottsdale & wondered around their grounds having fun.

here are a few of my favorites!

cole, mckenzie & sydney.

jonathan & kim.

after a few takes they got really into this one:)

aren't they goodlookin?

this is my favorite one. so clean & nice.

thanks for letting me hang out! & sorry if you get three requests for brand new cameras :)
(i let the kids take turns & i think they're hooked)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


bryan & i got back from our hometown late tuesday night. it was the perfect fall weekend. the trees were at peak color & the weather was just chilly enough to help you get in the spirit of fall -cold enough i caught a cold :( i was home for almost a week & very busy. we went home for my brother's last college football game, i had a jewelry show(that went really well!!) this will probably be a two part post because i still have lots of pictures to prepare.

i went for a little stroll at brown park- one of my favorite parks. isn't it awesome?i laid under this beautiful yellow tree for quite a while hoping a leaf would fall right on top of my camera because that would make a cool picture, but it didn't happen in the half n hour i waited. it was a peaceful half n hour though.
beargrass creek runs through this park & a kazillion ducks live here. this little girl was having a blast feeding them until a duck got a little too close to her hands.
we met up with our louisville gang of friends (the ones with the babies that rule our parties now). i was sitting and talking with the ladies and mitchell dropped leo on me. he had a blast styling my hair.
both of the boys are crawling everywhere & climbing stairs. here's nicholas being curious.

so. the reason we went home, my younger brother. john stephen resch jr. his entire life has been about football. and this past saturday was his last college game ever. i couldn't miss that. i only made it two games this year (but that's better than the past two years, unfortunately).

they didn't win sadly, but my brother played very well.

i am so proud of my brother. he has grown into such a wonderful man. handsome too! he came to visit me in college & my girlfriends were hitting on him- barely a freshmen in highschool & you could already tell he was going to be a catch & now on the brink of adulthood & freedom from homework he is a man. my sweet little brother.
a little bit of action from my brother.

wide receiver is his main position but this season he's also been the holder for the kicker. this play, though, he pretended to hold the ball & instead picked it up & threw for a touchdown!!!! it was so awesome. i was sitting in the stands taking pictures of it (while screaming!) & the very next frame is of a sweatshirt... damn. i missed his one & only touchdown pass. our little cheering section went nuts. my headache didn't leave for at least a day :)
his team in their very last huddle.

my uncle david & mom after the game.
the proud resch's.
a sweet moment between my dad & brother.
johnnie & his younger cousins. they were so cute asking if they could have his glove. each of these boys played football this year on three different teams. 2 teams won toybowl. football is a major gene in our family. from both sides.

more to come soon... have a great monday.

Friday, November 16, 2007

jason & lysa

were married on november 3rd. their beautiful wedding was at villa siena possibly my favorite venue so far! they've all been beautiful so i'm not going to commit to it :) but give it some serious consideration.

this couple... was so incredibly nice. both of their families were so sweet & easy to work with. jason's aunt & uncle from somewhere in the midwest tried to convince me they were rednecks & i put that down quickly when i said i was "just as being from kentucky n all!" i love midwestern folk :)

they had a traditional tea ceremony before the wedding ceremony to honor the brides ancestors & heritage. which was really sweet. the bride & groom offer her family tea & if they take & drink it that means they've accepted him as family. lysa started crying with her grandmother & i was afraid this was how the whole day was gonna go with me tearing up behind the camera, but we all regained control :) and the day was so much fun!

here are a few pictures!

jason has just arrived for the tea ceremony.
lysa's grandmother accepting the tea.

after accepting the tea they would offer a red envelope to the couple. i thought this was a cool detail.

in between the tea ceremony & wedding ceremony we headed back to jason's house with the groomsmen to play some video games. i think lysa is suggesting jason wasn't as "nice" to her as he'd promised this game :)

getting the dress buttoned up.

now lips.

clip on ties & cute kids.

even the bathrooms in this place were cool.

cute ceremony shot.

man & wife.

the sun set pretty much right after the ceremony so we didn't have much time for pictures but we were still able to take advantage of this beautiful place & make some cool photos of these two love birds.

i love this one.

first dance.

lysa dancing with her father-in-law!

the groomsmen building very tall buildings :)

& then entertaining us with their ribbon dance.

and then for the second to last song of the night- they did the cancan.

thanks lysa & jason for two full days of great food & fun.

if you'd like to see more here is their slideshow-