Wednesday, May 27, 2009

megan & ryle

on april 25th, my oldest, dearest friend megan o became megan r (this could get a lil confusing ;) when she married the very handsome, sweet, caring & all around great guy -ryle. i was honored to be a bridesmaid & stand alongside her as she said i do. it was an awesome day! but, i of course had to have my camera. it really is almost like torture :) not being the photographer. i took a few photos that i'm super proud of. the day went by so quickly i can't believe it's already over.

& now for the pictures.

megan's dress was so elegant.

& her shoes were so awesome- very megan.

megan doing her make-up as her adorable niece, morgan, watches. one of my favs.

another make-up shot.

megan's mom, marsha, getting some help from the lovely jennifer & susan. (friends from highschool)

ryle's sister, lene & morgan doing their hair!

morgan & i making kissee faces for megan o.

megan's beautiful bouquet.

the one & only portrait i took... but i think it's pretty fantastic, if i do say so myself.

this is megan's mom, dad & younger brother watching as they gently feed each other cake. another fave. i adore her family.

& possibly the favorite. megan & ryle's first dance.

ryle's mom watching her baby boy...

megan & her dad, michael. so sweet.

bryan & i.

& i'm so glad we got this shot at the end of the night once my feet finally gave out.

megan & ryle, you know that i love you both & am so, so, so happy for you.

ps. i danced so much that peanut was incredibly active all night long & i didn't sleep more than 30 minutes... i was sure i was going to go into early labor. i didn't, luckily & was able to enjoy the miller shower the next morning! the shower pics are coming soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

taryn & dave lil movie!

and now for their slide show...

(sorry these last three shows have been soo long- i've had awesome 2nd shooters & issues with editing down these beautiful weddings! so shoot me :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

dave & taryn

were married may 2nd... at the beauuuutiful farm at south mountain. i've become really close to this couple since they booked me almost a year ago. they are amazing people, so very kind & generous. for instance, they gave peanut an organic onsie that says "ask me what's in my compost pile" :)

they've had some obstacles with the wedding plans- changing caterers, getting a pretty late phone call from their original venue that they'd double booked- me informing them that i would be 8 months pregnant at their wedding- which they took brilliantly, by the way, they said they didn't care if i waddled! but none of that mattered because they were flexible & made new plans & their wedding was fabulous. it probably would have been even if it was in a dumpster- their love is that special. okay that might be pushing it, but seriously, they have a very special relationship & i was honored to be there & document it.

a lil shout out to andy delisle who assisted me for this wedding! thanks, i couldn't have done it with out you!

here are a few of my favorites:

their sweet maggie was a big part of the day!

dave looking dapper.

they chose to see each other before hand & it was so special with dave tearing up & taryn totally surprised! but this was my favorite.

and now for a few cute portraits...

taryn & her dad getting ready to walk down the aisle.

dave awaiting his bride... a great one from andy!

her dress was fantastic & funky & unique & so very cool.

the ceremony was very beautiful.

one of my favorites from andy.

how cute is this?

they danced down the aisle- it was pretty sweet.

and now for some more portraits. while dave was petting maggie she sneezed directly into his face. it was pretty funny, sorry dave.

i can see them getting this one blown up- she's their baby.

i made us truck it over to the other end of the resort because dave & i'd found this tree a few weeks ago when we were scouting portrait places & i knew it would make for a beautiful backdrop.

everything was in full bloom in the garden. this is one of my favorites.

they practiced their dance.

for some reason this one is really funny to me. don't they look like they just spent a year of their life planning a wedding :) tehee.

i feel like this is in a secret garden or something.

another fabulous photo from andy. i love the detail.

their first dance- which they'd been taking lessons & turned out really well. kudos!

doesn't dave look like he's being tortured. he hated it. i'm sure he did.

and then the last dance...

what a beautiful evening at a beautiful venue with a beautiful couple surrounded by some wonderful people.

thanks taryn & dave... i've loved getting to know you & i know you'll have a very wonderful life together!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

brittany & dave

were married on april 17th at the boojum tree... which is an amazing venue!!!

everything went flawlessy & they had the perfect day. brittany looked amazing & dave looked so very handsome. here are a few of my favorites from their day:

i want to give a special shout-out to cristi, who assisted me at this wedding! thanks so much for all your help :)

the dress was simple but beautiful.

the rings were spectacular!

the beautiful bride. she was so relaxed the whole day!

everyone adoring her!

brittany & her dad right before they walked down the aisle. i love this one.

married!! (another of cristi's!)

her gorgeous blue eyes, the flower in her hair & red lipstick were all the details she needed :)

the groom looking very dapper.

a few of my favorite portraits.

love, love, love!

& i love this one too.

sometime portraits can wear ya out!

one of the many awesome ones from cristi!

the reception in the greenhouse was so amazing.

brittany had these flowers made & they were the perfect touch.

sweet 1st dance.

i love this one of brittany & her sister.

last dance.

thank you sooooo much for letting me be a part of your day... it was magical :)