Tuesday, July 15, 2014

kayla : phoenix portrait photographer

this beautiful young woman is graduating from asu's nursing program in just a couple of weeks! 
she finished college in 3 years. three.
she is determined, smart & incredibly sweet. 
just like her parents :)

here are a few of my favorites:
her incredibly proud parents!

congratulations kayla, you're going to be an amazing nurse!

Monday, July 14, 2014

lindsey & dustin : wisconsin wedding photographer

oh lordy, this wedding was so entertaining in several ways :)  
first the mishaps = all small & minor, except the hotel lost almost all of the reservations, doh.  
but their people were AWESOME. everyone at the wedding was a joy to be around. you'll see!

& lindsey kept her cool about it all. i was so impressed!

these two are sooooo incredibly sweet together! 
you could tell they knew the most important thing that day was their love
& celebrating it with their friends & family.
i was so honored they chose to have me document it.

here are my favorites :)
first look & gift exchange :)
so sweet. her grandfather (on the right) started this church & 
they weren't sure he would be able to make it, but he did!
one of the last covered bridges in Wisconsin.
love this one.
this photo makes me a little weepy!
lindsey's dad recorded himself singing the song for their dance.
i loved her first by heartland!
i think they both would have cried anyways :) but that put everyone else over the edge.
dustin was cracking me up!
they lit paper lanterns towards the end of the night. 
i always love it when weddings do this- such a beautiful act.
such a fabulous night. 
may you always make each other laugh!

Friday, July 11, 2014

brandi & eric : phoenix engagement photographer

oh these two... are adorable. they dated back in college & have recently realized that they were meant to be together. so brandi is moving to san fransisco to be with him! i donated a portrait session to finn's school & brandi won! we finally found a time that our three schedule's overlapped. 

so here are my favorites :)
trying to do the serious thing...
& it lasted for like 2 seconds!
my favorite! i love his lil sly grin. he knows he's a lucky man.
i lied. this is my favorite.
so beautiful.
i wish you all the best of luck with the big changes in your near future... 
continue to laugh through it & well, you know... it'll be blissful!