Monday, July 19, 2010

carmen & lucas

i met this sweet family last week.

it was a tad warm but we still managed to have some fun & get some cute pictures!

Meet Carmen & Lucas:

he was rewarded with a lollipop for being so good!


gotta love those hugs...

lil toes.

favorite of the two of them together.

thanks for letting me play with you all for a morning!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

kelly & mark

my first colorado wedding!! and my kelly did not dissapoint! kelly & i were ceramic majors in college. there were four girls & we spent all kinds of crazy late night hours in the studio making some cool art, having fun & becoming close friends. i know i have a cool polaroid picture of the four of us but can't find it at the moment. but i do have this picture of kelly & i. framed in my studio now.

i got to meet mark before they were kelly & mark. they came out for the ceramic convention in phx a couple years ago. kelly knew he was something special & we had a few conversations about it then. fast forward many months later & i get a phone call "um, can you shoot my wedding -junish?" happy dance proceeded.

they were married on june 25th in carbondale colorado. (kelly & i took a summer class at arrowmont in tn. she has stayed in close touch with one of our instructors, peg. the wedding was at her house up in the mountains- it was beautiful.)

so without further ado, the pictures:

her beautiful dress.

her awesome shoes!!!
her soon to be sister n law getting her all pretty!

kelly... um, no words for this.
sweet moment with mama.
mark getting ready! look how excited he is!!
their first glance. too cute!!!
mark & kelly's grandpa showering her with love.

i LOVEEEEE the portraits we got. LOVE. can you sense the excitement in my voice?!

probably my fav.
isn't he handsome?!
& adorable all in one man! kelly, you got yourself a catch, girl!

beautiful mountain view during their i do's. the skies looked a lil worrisome but nothing came of it except some shade!

thought this was beautiful of each of their parents up there with them.
they had their rings made by a friend. they were really cool!

they made so many of the elements to their wedding... kelly made this & mark picked the design.

mark made the cups/vases & kelly made the little frames. marks mom made the lil pieces of tablecloth! it all looked simple but beautiful.

this lil beauty shows up in kelly's work quite a lot. her mom always said she'd get her one when she got married!!!! it made a debut on her candy table- those sour strips were SOUUUUUUR.

their band was awesome!

the bridesmaids getting down.

i love this.

& to top off the perfect day was an incredible sunset.
to a long & happy life filled with great art, lots of bubbles & laughter.

congratulations you two!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mateo, joronda & soul

i photographed this beautiful family when soul was only 5 months old. my has he changed. i mean, he's adorable. in personality, his sweet little face & that fabulous hair!!!

there's a new addition due any day now. mama's been having contractions for about two weeks so her body is gearing up!

luckily the babe held on till i got back from all my travels so we could do a belly session. you'll meet this babe soon enough because they're doing a "soon after the birth" session as well!

there's something about this photograph. i love the parents hands on the belly- i still cherish my pictures of this time.
joronda looks incredible. she's only gained weight in the round thing protruding from her stomach- she's a stick everywhere else!
mateo is such a great dad.
this is my absolute favorite image from the shoot. i love that sweet face & that tender hug.

thought this was kinda cool.
& nothing like some ticklin to cure the urge to round around :)
lovin on mama.

cheesey goofball!

i simply could not decide which of the next few photographs i liked best... so you get them all.
LOVE this one.
ga. is all i can say about this kid. gaaaaaaaaaaaa.
seriously, how can so much cuteness be bundled into one little kid?
& then they wanted a lil urban feel so we did some light rail love.

joronda i can't wait to hear your birth story. i'm so excited that you've chosen a midwife & hope everything goes smoothly & quickly!

thanks for letting me hang out with your sweet family.