Wednesday, May 13, 2015

sweet evelyn : louisville family photographer

meet my incredibly sweet second cousin, evelyn mae.

she turned one & her mama wanted to do a fun session. 

i was so excited to have her as my very first client in my studio! 

she's a doll baby! 

a cuddle bug. 

& most definitely adored by her parents! 

such a sweet family!

then the fun began...
hmm. what am i supposed to do with this pretty pink thing?

oh i can get down with this!

i see you eyeing my cake. don't even thinkaboutit! 

jacky, jon... she is precious! thanks so much for letting me capture her at this special time! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

danielle & andrew : new orleans wedding photographer

you guys. this wedding was off the charts. 
and i'm not just saying that because it was my beautiful cousin's! 
it was in new orleans & they embraced the southern charm 
& funky vibe of one of the coolest cities. 

i normally edit my favorites folder down to about 100. sometimes it's been closer to 200. 
but this wedding... my favorites folder is over 400. 
and that was my whittled down version! 
 i was finally able to pick my favoritest of the favorites for this blog post. 
 so please enjoy! 

 all week it predicted rain & it had rained that morning.

 her dress was incredible.

youtube tried to teach these boys how to tie a bow tie, but with little luck. 

andrew was the only one to figure it out on his own. 

about to read a letter written 'to my wife'!


                                                                                           love this moment. 

first look. i adore these moments. 

now this is a goodlookinggroupofpeople!

love all the textures. 

sweet look from papa.

the Peristyle in City Park was so cool. 
it started raining about 10 minutes before the ceremony & 
added a neat effect of soft background noise. pretty dreamy.

their parents shared words of "these hands you hold will..." it was very sweet. 
one i remember "these hands you hold will dance with your daughter."

i loved this.
she asked her mother via expression "is this the right hand?"

look at the adorable ring bear in the background!

husband & wife. 

                                                                              i just love new orleans. 

                            their reception was at the Musee Conti (wax museum). very cool, weird place.

johnny be good. 

danielle's three sisters joined in on the father daughter dance. 

andrew's mama could shake her tail feather. 

danielle's lovely aunts have a history of harassing the groom. so she hid him under her dress. 

the parade after the reception to the bar was INCREDIBLE. 
they hired a band to march us down bourbon street. 
it. was. so. fun.

danielle & andrew what a great party!

you've got a very special love & it was an honor to witness it.