Thursday, July 23, 2015

rarigs : new york family photographer

my sister's in laws are on the blog! 
you know these guys, you've seen them here & here
every year at silver bay we do an updated session. this year we did it after nora & sydney's baptism. 
so here are a couple of these babes during the service.

max was hilarious. to everyone but his parents, that is. 
he couldn't help himself he just wanted to splash! throughout the entire ceremony :0


two of the sweetest little girls! 

lindsay & sydney!

ally & charlie

the lovely ladies! 


i love this one! 

stephani, nora, jeff & max! 

josh, dave, kristi, ally & lindsay!

molly, sydney, charlie, doug, natalie! 


momma & god momma with their sweet nora june! 

judi & sue's families celebrating the beautification of bay beach in their parents honor. 
charlie & ruth lupton are a huge part of silver bay's history. 
most fondly morning dip with donuts & crazy charlie sauce! 
if you ever get to silver bay i suggest trying both :)

thanks so much for being such amazing families rarigs & nagy's! 

love spending time with you up at the bay! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

kate & pat : louisville portrait photographer

i love my clients. i love that my clients become my friends, if they weren't already. 
it's truly one of the best gifts of this gig. 

this sweet family featured on the blog: here, here, here, here & here!

they moved from phoenix to the northeast soon after we moved back to ky. 
but we promised to meet up whenever we visited upstate new york. 
we were there this past 4th of july & kate & pat drove the three hours to visit us! 
i'm telling ya, incredible friends! 

here are a few of my favorites: 

"wait, what's going on over dere?!"

i love this one. 


love you guys!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

brittany & alex's engagement : louisville wedding photographer

fair warning. this might be an emotional post. no, scratch that. it WILL be. 

it's a story about my baby cousin brittany. she's been dating her love since highschool.
last month her boyfriend, alex, planned a surprise engagement party for her on her birthday.
her entire family was in on it, sort of.
the aunts aren't so great at keeping secrets so they were told it was a birthday party! ;)

now for the beautiful painful part. 
brittany's dad died in october. gary discovered he had cancer and a little over 4 weeks later 
it was clear that the treatments, unfortunately, couldn't help his type of cancer. 

alex was in the hospital room alone with gary, and asked for his blessing... 
gary told him he'd always had his blessing. 

it was beautiful. 

he got to fulfill a very important proud papa moment & it meant so much to brittany! 

well to all of us. gary's death has rocked us... left a gaping hole that's incredibly hard not to notice. 

so to have something as beautiful as brittany & alex's wedding on the horizon... 
well. it's comforting, exciting & brings a huge smile across your face. 

you are a class act alex. 
that had to be intimidating to ask your first tackle football coach
for his daughter's hand in marriage!
we are so lucky to have you as part of our family. 

here are a few of my favorites.
a slideshow is in the works so stay tuned!

brittany's grandpa didn't know it was an engagement party either,
but as we were practicing the signs he figured it out and was so excited! 

she's here!!!

h.a.p.p.y.... b.i.r.t.h...


& one other thing! 

several friends said they couldn't come in town for her birthday, 
so brittany had fun calling them all liars! 

alex's sister. soon to be brittany's sister!

gary & sandy's glasses from their wedding.

they got a practice round in. 


to celebrating life. 

to those that have been a part of it & the exciting things to come! 

congratulations brittany & alex!!!!