Friday, July 3, 2015

ms. nora june : nashville newborn photographer

my sister, stephani, delivered this beautiful baby girl on february 3rd. 
my mom & i rushed down to nashville so we could be with max. 
we got there just in time to pick him up from school & get some yummy paletta's! 

nothing seemed to be happening at the hospital the last we'd checked &
then jeff sent a text saying "holy shit, she's here!" 

& boy is she! 

she is the sweetest little purring baby.

& max adores her. 

& she can make you giggle. 

love this one, partly because this is jeff's grandma's bench. 

um guys, ya kinda left me in a basket?!

you sure you know what you're doing dad?

so sweet!

a beautiful family of four. 
welcome nora. 
we are so excited to be a part of your world, sweet girl!

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