Thursday, August 2, 2012

walter & becca : louisville wedding photographer

oh man. this was an awesome wedding.

becca started her day with breakfast at wild eggs with their friends & family. & then a chai tea at heini brother's :) she was so calm & collected & thoughtful of everyone else. i thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her better throughout the day.

becca with her brother & sister.

becca's adorable nieces.


her make up was gorgeous.

this is for walter :)


nothing like brotherly love.


love everyone's expressions.

lil snuggle bug.

holy spirit is such a beautiful place.



so sweet.

high five baby!

oh walter.

this was the only single guy on the dance floor :)

becca cracks me up!!

there is no doubt in my mind these two will spend the rest of their lives laughing together...

if ya'll read my blog post on their engagement session, you'll know how i feel about walter. so i don't need to get all emotional again. being a part of their day meant the world to me.

thank you becca & walter. thank you.

makeup: joanne wolf
hair: studio 151
wedding: holy spirit catholic church
reception: mellwood arts center
caterer: karem's