Sunday, December 20, 2009

jim & lindsey

lindsey & jim are some of our great friends that we met through bryan's grad school program. they were in town for her phd graduation!!!! congrats lindsey! & they asked if we could do a lil "just because" session because they hadn't had their pictures taken since they were married four years ago. i love that they wanted to do this. i think it's so important to remember all the stages in your life... & this is their "lindsey is FREE stage!"

some of my favs:

they are so dang cute.

all magazine-y.

woah, jim. woah with those killer eyes. HAWT.

one of my favs.

fav no 2.

nice lil detail.

go-go gadget legs :)



fav no 3.

yum sunset.

thanks you guys... i had a blast! can't wait to come visit you in puerto rico!!!!

cheryl & her girls

cheryl & her daughters wanted another session :) & this year they brought along jerry & his adorable daughter chloe! it's funny to look at last year's session which was done in may- all the green & sunlight & then this year it was very wintery!

we had a lot of fun, even after it started raining cold, cold raindrops & the winds of a mini hurricane :) all of us were dressed like it was a 70 degree phoenix winter day & had to run to the car!

here are a few of my favorite.

i love this one.

and this one.

tooooo cute!


the winds are starting up... but this family's cuteness prevails!

leanna was jealous of chloe being spun... :)

the skies warning us, but i really like the feel of this.

these two were over there being naturally cute.

favorite of the girls together.

teheee. you're never too old to climb a tree!

NEVER!!!! i think this one is awesome. even the runners agree.

i always have so much fun with you all! can't wait to see you all next year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

anna & paul

one their one month anniversary i finished their pictures! yeah!!!

this was my last wedding for the year & it was amazing. anna is just about the sweetest person you've ever known. paul's also a sweetheart -so they make one sugar filled couple. was that too corny? sorry... but it's hard to describe how sweet these two are! and now i'm craving cookies.

the venue was incredible. hacienda del sol... es muy bueno. every detail was gorgeous.

okay, onto the pictures:

the beauty, anna.

i love the repetition in this picture.

everyone helping get her ready!

paul getting excited!

anna got him these awesome cuff links.

i love the quiet seriousness of this one.

all smiles.


see beautiful venue!

beautiful light. favorite of the ceremony.

a few forgotten words... and a few giggles.




one of my favs!

another fav.

but i think this is my favoritest :)

or.... dang. this is tough!

goofballs. the whole lot of em.

the boys.

the ladies.

the sweetest moment in the world.


the parent dance... aren't paul & his mother adorable?

anna breaking it down.

tehee. loved this one too.

what a fabulous party you all threw!

i want to wish you a long, laughter filled life together! happy anniversary!!!!