Monday, December 31, 2007


i just found these 2 quotes...

" may all your troubles last as long as your new year's resolutions. "

— joey adams

"maybe i don't want a happy new year, he said. maybe i want an intense
new year with a lot of growth experiences & i had to admit i'd never
thought of that."
-brian andreas

happy new years eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

so many things to catch up on!

but i'm going to start by posting just a few pics that i will expand on very soon! i did a senior portrait session with my beautiful cousin lauren, a family portrait session for ruth & bryan & her family & then a wedding in floyds knobs! ellen & phillip are officially married :)

i haven't even started to edit christmas with our families!!! but it's been an awesome 2.5 weeks home. just the right amount of time to run around seeing almost everyone & then relax and play some card games, watch some movies & laugh.

here are a few pictures:

lauren, or schoogee as we lovingly call her. (she'll probably kill me for that)

ruth & bryan.

& here is otis, their new baby!

there are more to come! but, now it's time for me to go to bed!
hope everyone has a very safe new years eve!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

back in ky.

i flew home on tuesday afternoon & i've been taking it easy & hanging out with family & getting all my christmas gifts together. it's starting to be 'not so relaxed' though- i have ellen & phillip's wedding tonight!!! a senior portrait session tomorrow & a family portrait session on sunday. in between sessions i'm meeting with clients for 08' & seeing friends from highschool & college at lil mini reunions i've set up. i can't wait. so many great things happening in these 2 weeks while i'm home. hopefully i'll have time to post since there will be so many things worth posting :)

but, for now i wanted to post some pictures of oliver. my mom's adorable 10 week old yorkie poo. i'm not usually that into small dogs- i like the big ones that can go hiking & are difficult to pick up, but this pup is precious. she's had him for two weeks & they are already inseparable. my sister is also in love with him & i'm not sure how she is going to leave him in a week n half to move to ny.

so here is oliver:

he has a little patch of gray hair... so cuuuuuuute!

he's a major licker. so gross :)

i simply adore his little face. he is napping right now in his tiny little bed after chewing on my hand for the past hour.

hope you have a happy holiday!

Monday, December 17, 2007


before i head to bed (because my flight leaves bright & early at 7am) i thought i'd post some pictures from my younger sister's visit. you will hear me refer to her as stephi or sissy rae, my personal nickname for her -because somehow that was easier than stephanie??

she arrived late wednesday night & left yesterday afternoon. it was sooooo nice having her out here to have some quality time because my very talented sister is an architect & is leaving our hometown for new york city. she accepted a job with a cool architecture firm & is moving in with her boyfriend in january. it's going to be a very exciting change for her so i'm glad she was able to come before she gets too busy with that new york lifestyle :) it's a perfect fit for her, really. she's super obsessed with sex & the city & while she was there a month or so ago looking for apts she actually came upon them filming the movie! she took that as a sure sign she was meant to be there. (all these pictures were taken with my point & shoot so the quality is great.)

i can't wait to visit her!

so, sissy rae a) is not outdoorsy. b)is afraid of all things that could bite, especially tarantula's & scorpians, which we seem to have here in the desert. she didn't sleep the whole first night because they might be in her bed! she's so freaken cute. to reward her for being so brave we shopped the whole next day :) but, friday i made her go hiking at papago. we took the dogs & had a great "walk" -here's kylie & skye.

steph with some cool light & a model like breeze.

& then saturday was tour the city's cool architecture day. we checked out the mondrian hotel because her new boss recently renovated it & it was very cool. everything was white & funky.

& then we took her to paulo soleri's artist colony in scottsdale. i really like his style & ideology & i knew stephi would too, so we spent quite a bit of time there. he believes that we would all be less stressed & a lot nicer if we didn't spend as much time alone in a car during rush hour. so, he is building a city near flagstaff where everything is in walking distance & instead of eating up land with buildings & parking lots he is building up with the stores on the bottom floor. if you are near that area i definitely suggest checking out arcosonti- it's really, really neat. we weren't able to make it there but it's definitely on our list for next time.

he is funding his city with donations & the profits of his wind chimes. they are so unique & make some beautiful sounds. the grounds are pretty simple, but beautiful.

& then we had to stop by the love stamp!

later that night we had dinner with friends & then headed to the luminaries at our botanical gardens, which was really cool. cold, but a lot of fun. they light the paths with the candles in bags & have about 7 different musicians & groups playing around the grounds. you walk around enjoying the evening while sipping on hot apple cider. pretty perfect christmas event. definitely worth checking out.

after that dancing was supposed to be in our cards, but we instead came home & crashed. we're getting old i guess :)

thanks for visitin' stephi. see ya tomorrow!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

hip hip hooray!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

how fantastic is that? i've kind of been floating around for the last few days :)

if you wanna check out the other winners (which i highly suggest because there are some amazing photographs) go to wpja's homepage & click away!

Monday, December 10, 2007

just to get you in the spirit of things...

& if this doesn't do it i don't know what will :)

matt showed me his reindeer outfit while i was babysitting him the other night!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

isn't he adorable? he then proceeded to sing the woof woof song (to the jingle bells theme) over & over again. his voice is still the sweetest thing i've ever heard.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

it's no surpise

that carter is so good looking... when you see his mom & dad you'll understand. this family (friends of ours from ultimate frisbee) is beautiful!

here are a few of my favorites:

he has such beautiful eyes. it's the first thing you notice.

& then you notice how sweet his disposition is...

& then you just can't stop the feeling of wanting to squeeze those precious cheeks!!!

during his "free time" on the changing table he likes to play with his toes.


& here is mom & dad. see what i'm talking about?


we attempted some with their beagles, emma & casey.

carter loves his puppies.

i thought this was adorable.

classic lady & the tramp. one of the puppies being a little sad because they use to be the center of attention :)

thanks kathleen & jeff. i had such a great time hanging out :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

chris & christy

were married this past saturday at the san marcos resort. this couple & their families are from the east coast & traveled to phoenix for their destination wedding. she found me online & booked after a few emails & one phone call. it was almost too easy, but i truly felt like i'd made a friend through our correspondence.

finally their big day came & it rained! they had to change a few details but nothing could stop this group from having an amazing time. the day was filled with so much joy! i know i rave about my clients, but seriously somehow the coolest people find me & my business. i am so grateful to have met you chris & christy & your families... thank you for letting me share this important step in your story.

i also wanted to comment on the other vendors... they were the friendliest group of people. it was obvious, at least to me, that they enjoyed their jobs. i highly recommend them:

rev. richard mccarthy, non-denominational & traditional services: 480.206.5059
denise mowlem, hair & make-up artist: 530.314.9170
jim stamps, videographer:
& jill turski, stood in for the wedding planner at crowne plaza & did a great job!

& now for some pictures:

here's christy getting ready.

cool detail from the boys preparations.

isn't she stunning?

the closer to the "ceremony" the more excited she got!

meanwhile the boys prayed & discussed the responsibilities of being not only a husband, but a good husband. i was quite impressed with what they had to say.

religion is a huge part of who they are & i thought this was a cool detail explaining that.

christy & her father moments before he gives her away to chris.

the rain moved the ceremony under the tent- which actually made for a beautiful setting.

chris is in the army so a saber ceremony was really important to him- but because they aren't from here they had a hard time finding volunteers until my good friend, joanne, stepped in & recommended a few people. i'm so glad it was able to come together because it was an awesome thing to experience. thanks joanne!

permission to pass was granted with the seal of a kiss.

and christy's bestfriend's father, also in the military, was able to "spank/welcome" her to the army family!


sneaky lil kiss.

more kissing.

the boys.

christy & her brothers.

chris & his brothers.

the first dance. they are so kind & silly. let's not forget silly -they met in walmart after all :)

christy & her bestfriend shaking their tail feathers.

christy & her dad laughing at chris for something.

chris & his new mother in law.

the band, b!g daddy, was awesome.
img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

definitely a match made in heaven.

the slideshow is ready :) enjoy!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


you may notice the blog looks a little wonky... i'm making a few adjustments & the major one being larger pictures!!!! horray!!

my friend, liene from blue orchid designs figured it out & shared with all on her blog. please click here if you'd like to learn how!

so forgive us if things look weird as we figure it all out!

but here is a picture as a tease. i'm working on chris & christy's wedding from this past weekend. it was an amazing wedding with a beautiful couple so make sure you check back to see those pictures but here is a beautiful detail shot of the bouquet. i love it!


Monday, November 26, 2007

a few pictures

from our weekend in albuquerque. evelyn is 8 months old now. she spends her days giggling & being adorable. we went hiking on saturday at the sandia mountains so evelyn & skye could play in the snow. there was over 4 inches everywhere & it was beautiful. i'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

here she is. our precious baby.

here are the puppies loving her.

bryan making evelyn "ride" skye.

too cute.

and a few snow details:

the beautiful view.

evelyn loving it.

kylie disappeared for about 20 minutes- she wanted to explore the road less traveled i guess.

jodie, evelyn & neil.

skye, me, bryan & kylie. i think this will be our christmas card.

the beautiful winter landscape has gotten me in the mood for christmas! i can't wait for the holidays!

there's still time for some family portrait sessions for your christmas greeting cards. so call or email if you're interested. 502.751.6800/