Thursday, February 28, 2013

my lil sis & her family : louisville family photographer

we needed to do a session since maxwell is six months old &  
we just happened to all be in louisville for my dad's house warming party! 
love this one. their hands & his sweet lil face.

smooches time.
seriously, GUYS.
all they ever wanna do is kissee me!!!
aunt megan, please help me!!!!!!
will it ever stop?
hmmm. they've moved on to kissee-ing eachother.
wait, no more kissee?
mommy time. love their lil chins & sparkling eyes!
he's definitely a mama's boy!

max just started screaming, so daddy started screaming back at him. & then he giggled.

so cute!
love you three, very much.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Viviane and Grant, Chris & Brooke : Phoenix Family Photographer

loved photographing this family. viviane & grant were hilarious. 
and obviously adored by their parents.

they were so stinken cute together!


love brooke's look in the picture above here. 
that there is a mama who's learned to roll with the punches :)

thank you all so much for letting me play!  i really enjoyed spending the afternoon with ya'll.