Thursday, June 18, 2009

ethan finn paris.

sorry i've been a little mia lately... i'm in the middle of a life changing experience over here.

i'd like to introduce my son, ethan finn paris. we're calling him finn. he was born on june 11th at 3:04 am. i was in labor for 4.5 hours. we opted for a home birth & it was an amazing experience. our two midwives & doula were so proficient & helped to create our perfect environment to welcome our little boy into this world. i've started to write my birth story & will be sharing it soon.

our good friend jill came over to document the birth. the house was pretty dark, so unfortunately we gave jill a really difficult job, but she got some amazing pictures of it all. she later told me she was holding her breath with me since she was having to use such long exposures. this is possibly my favorite one she took... it's maybe 15 minutes after he was born.
the three of us were laying in our bed- while everyone else cleaned up around us.

he has this peach fuzz all over his body... it's so soft & he smells so good.

i looooooooove baby yawns.

he came out with his left hand on his face... it's there almost constantly.

my sweet, sweet little boy.

and his cute lil cloth diaper!

so please forgive me if i'm not very good at posting for awhile... i'm too busy lovin on my baby :)