Tuesday, May 29, 2007

camping @ fat bradley

bryan and i took the dogs to fat bradley (near payson) to escape phoenix for two days. it was exactly what the doctor ordered. you'll see how fantastic it was in the pictures. kylie(black lab) loves swimming & skye(weimaraner) is getting there:) the weather was perfect & all the memorial day crowd had left since we went monday & tuesday... the water was a lil chilly- & the bugs were out in full force but still perfect.

hope you had a great memorial day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

this past weekend...

i shot a wedding in chattannoga tennessee... it was actually in northern georgia, at this little log cabin resort called hidden hollow. several cabins surrounding a lake, so peaceful & beautiful.

rachel & foye, the happy couple are avid bikers -road & mountain. most of their friends are also bikers. so this crowd was a blast. rachel was gorgeous & foye was soooooo in awe of her... his sister couldn't stop teasing him that he was going to weep like a baby! he was able to contain himself but the clouds couldn't. it stopped raining just in time for the ceremony but started back up while we were on the other side of the lake taking pictures. didn't ruin anything for this party & this is why i love outdoorsy people!

here are a few of my favorites. thanks rachel & foye. i had a fabulous time!


two more from their wedding & then some personal pictures from the weekend, of me in my element... green trees, sitting & reading while enjoying some fresh air. this makes me the happiest -other then hanging out with great people. they put me in this cute small cabin where i was able to listen to the birds sing & not much else. i awoke early saturday morning so i could soak it all in. i can't wait to live on the east coast again!!!!!

this one is my favorite of them!

foye's best man, ted, on the left, convinced a few other guys to go mohawk style for the ceremony!

a little blurry...

oklahoma wedding...

so the weekend before i went to the derby i was in oklahoma shooting a wedding! kim & adam tied the knot in a small town called bigsby, oklahoma on april 21st. they were a lot of fun to work with, really laid back and easy going... not to mention very much in love. bryan, my boyfriend, has been friends with adam for over 7 years now- i'd met him & kim a few times but that weekend i got to know them pretty well & definately consider them friends now :)

here's a few pics from their wedding.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Exciting news...

YEAh, YeaH, yEaH! My website is up & official!!!!!


please check it out and let me know what you think!

here are some pictures from derby. saturday turned out to be a perfect day- the sun came out for a bit, the races were exciting- even the official derby race. street sense ended up winning it after being in like 17th place out of the gate! I choose my horses solely on their name & Street Sense made the cut... I made $42. The women were gorgeous in their hats & the men didn't look to bad either. I met "Ross -the intern" from the tonight show. he was so great! that was definitely the highlight of my day!

i love derby. if you've never gone- treat yourself next year.

Friday, May 4, 2007

kentucky derby

so i'm in kentucky for the kentucky derby. this city, which is normally a 6.5 on the cool city scale jumps all the way to a 15 these two weeks every year. it all starts with thunder over louisville- the largest fireworks show in the world! then we have a hot air ballon race, steam-boat race, mini-marathon, parade & then two main days of horse racing... oaks & derby. the most sought after seats at the track are the millionaire row. i am shooting for youbet.com this year & that's where our seats are :) they have been an amazing company to work for- open to ideas, supportive & fun to hang out with. they are sponsoring todd pletcher- the most famous trainer who has 5 horses in the derby. this year may be his first derby. he'll be on a roll since he won oaks with a cute lil fillie named rags to riches.

it rained almost all day- so the horses were messy & sloppy- the infield which closely resembles mardi gras wasn't nearly as crazy. the skies were gray with no sun rays to be found. somehow kentucky still pulls off a party. the celebs arrived today & are at the browns stable party now. they'll be in full force tomorrow with fantastic hats & outfits. the queen has even decided to be among us. they were training staff all day on how to interact with her! hopefully tomorrow i'll have some really good to stuff to post for ya! for now some pictures from the oaks. and then i'm heading to bed :)