Thursday, May 31, 2012

laura & james : las vegas wedding photographer

laura & james were married earlier this month at the beautiful rhodes ranch golf club. it was a fabulous day! here are a few of my favorites.

laura & her big sister, heather.  tehee.
laura & james' sweet pup. 
all the girls getting purtied.
laura & her mom.
the ring pillow :)
love this moment. his happy grin & her sweet anticipation.
this one makes me so happy!
so does this one.
it was a beautiful ceremony, with a few speaker hiccups but nothing could take away from this backdrop, this sweet couple & their friends & family supporting this exciting day!
the handsome wedding party.

oh man these kids were ridiculous.
a few of the beautiful couple.
the rings.
the first dance... love the way they're looking at eachother & her parents in the background watching.
told you these kids were ridiculous.
laura & her daddy.
i think the guests enjoyed themselves, but i can't be sure.
last dance.
the bubbles wishing them goodbye.  :)
thank you laura & james for letting me be there... documenting your day! 

to your very bright future.

Monday, May 28, 2012

rainford's, phoenix family photographer

this sweet family has now become an extended part of my family. it all started with heather, one of bryan's fellow grad students & now one of our closest friends. i photographed her wedding & then luann's (heather's cousin) wedding & then heather's best friends wedding. & then earlier this month while i was in vegas to shoot heather's sister laura's wedding (those pictures are coming soon!!!) luann asked if i could do a session for her family. i was thrilled! i hadn't met the newest member tj yet!  and i absolutely LOVE being their family photographer. such good people.

so here they are! this was my favorite group shot. from left to right: chrissy, billy, mom :), sydney, max, tom, dad :), luann, tj, lorena!
thank you rainford family! till next time:)  it was lovely meeting you tj & lorena!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

jaclyn & wyman, new york photographer

this beautiful couple lives in brooklyn... & we thought that would be the perfect location for their engagement session, especially since they'll be getting married in lexington, ky.

they have a great apt with great light, so we took a quick photo there.

& then it was off to the pratt campus, where wyman has been working his BUTT off the past few years.  don't ya love this gate?

 it was a rainy, chilly day. but we had so much fun.

love the effect the rain drops had on my lens...  you two are so cute!


 we got to escape inside for a lil bit.


 & then i kicked em back outside!!! see, chilly!!

this might be my favorite. top three for sure. its' so new york!

love these next few.  isn't jaclyn gorgeous? i mean, gorgeous.

love this look.

love all those freckles on that handsome face.


someones getting all gq on us! & i like it.


this one makes me giggle.

but my absolute favorite is one of these... not sure which though.

probably this one!

i mean, of course we were going to do that!!!!!!

congratulations you two. i can NOT wait to photograph your special day. special thanks to wyman for allowing me to kidnap you in the height of preparing for your defense. i know that wasn't easy, but i'm so thankful because i had a great time & love the photos! & congratulations for passing!!!!!!!!