Friday, February 27, 2009

71 degrees

ain't bad. ain't bad at all. i don't mean to brag- but we already reached 86 this past week & us desert folk are a little concerned about what that means for the summer -so we're trying to eat up this perfect weather now while we got it.

this morning as i was enjoying my cereal on our patio i noticed how fantastic my potted garden looked. so i thought i'd share.

here's to a beautiful friday... :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

albums, albums, albums.

i've been pretty busy designing albums the past few months & today my studio sample arrived... it's beauti-mus!!!! so, i wanted to post a few pics to make you all jealous of my new favorite thing to pet! it's so awesome.

they come packaged so nicely- & environmentally friendly :) notice the green card.

yummy two tone binding.

nice thick pages.

beautiful prints!

i have several others on the way -so stay tuned for more yumminess!

Monday, February 23, 2009

baby bump update.

i've gotten some angry emails & comments that i haven't posted any belly pics lately. so, while we were in colorado bryan did a lil shoot on our last day -it was so warm that i could strip down to my tank top & show it off :)

the babe is quite the kicker- moving constantly.

(gotta love the sexy maternity pants!)

things are going well. i feel great- the baby is healthy. we're about 5 months along. which is CRAZY!!!!!! only 4 months to go... and i can't wait to start getting the nursery ready! i have big ideas for the theme.

& then here is a 3-d pic of peanut from our last ultrasound! isn't he a cutie :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

our last vacation

as people. in a few months we become parents & the world changes as we know it. so we flew to colorado to visit our friends ted & sarah! number 45 on my 101 list: done again!

it was a great trip! exactly what we needed. we were there for four days & had lots of fun adventures- well the kind my lil belly would allow, and lots of great food. i really do enjoy that town- i've officially added it to my list of "would like to live there one day" places. ted, you can stop squeeling now :)

this will be over a couple different posts- because they need to send me their pictures. we did other fun stuff that i have no proof of- like roller skating- which took both bryan and i awhile to get back into the grove, but we well, we survived it. no broken bones!!!

here's colorado:

the beautiful flat irons.

a small town that is known for it's abandoned cars & other stuff.

they took us to the rocky mountains, which neither of us had ever been before. we did a little mile long hike & played in the snow.

my coat would barely zip! but sarah let me borrow her ski one so i'd stay toasty.

sarah & ted in a blistery storm :)

i had a hankering to make a snow angel!

i really like the feel of this one...

* Herds of tiny pine beetles are munching away at Colorado's forests, turning the evergreens a sickly red and destroying large patches of trees. Cold snaps -- which, in mountain terms, mean about five nights of minus-30 temperatures -- usually kill off the native beetles. But winters are warming, and Henson and others said they worry the beetles can't be stopped.

The beetle infestation "has reached epidemic proportions as a result of climate issues," said Kyle Patterson, spokeswoman for the Rocky Mountain National Park.*

so visit here soon!!!

in she goes...

we hiked around a frozen lake, it was very beautiful.

ted jumped off this here boulder- without hurting himself! and now he has a cool facebook pic!

more to come, promise!

thanks for having us guys, we are now ready to turn our lives over to responsibility ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

slowing down.

when i have some free time i love listening to ted talks... they're amazing & inspiring & fabulous ways to spend lil chunks of time.

today i listened to carl honore talk about our world & the need for speed. it's something i've thought about often... especially when i find myself losing patience with slow drivers or even with bryan. i'm not as patient as i'd like to be. we all most definitely need to slow down & carl speaks of this beautifully. especially when he talks of what made him want to start researching this topic.

please take the time to watch this 20 minute video. you'll be glad you did.

hope you take the time to celebrate something in an unusually slow manner today!

Monday, February 9, 2009

shoot out!

i meet with this wonderful little group of photographers (all of whom have pj backgrounds) and we meet randomly to talk photo & take some... we usually have a theme & it's great to go out & shoot for ourselves everyonce in awhile. it's awesome, actually. this group keeps me inspired. i'm posting our second shoot out- our first one was on slide film, so i have to scan the slides first. i may get around to that one day!

so, we met awhile ago at my house & went to tempe town lake & walked around. here are a few of my favorites:

*these were taken with my new 50d... i love it!!!!!*

i love this one... that little girl made me smile, dancing in the sunset.

the new 50d really came in handy as the sun set & i could shoot at a higher iso's.

michael & jill being models for us.

i don't think i realized how pretty tempe town lake was... it has lots of possibilities.

thanks guys, had fun!!! can't wait for our next outing.