Monday, January 11, 2010

melissa & jeff.

my sis-n-common law ( i was corrected :), melissa, & her boy, jeff, asked if we could do a session. i've only got goofy pictures of them, so i said, yeppers. it was a freeeeeeeeeeeaken cold day, but we made it work and had fun!

here are some of my favorites :)

the serious one.

one of my favs. aren't they goodlooking?

verging on goofiness!

love. love. love.

these few are my absolute favorites. the light was yummy.

but this is probably the best.

well damn. i take it back. these next two are my favorite.

thanks melissa & jeff!!! happy anniversary :)


i'm not sure what's wrong with a person who'd want to "workout" all day long, but... let me tell you there are plenty of those nut jobs out there and i'm proud to say i know one of them ;)

my friend, jeremy! he completed his first ironman this past november.

his super-awesome-sweet-girlfriend, meg, hired me to document the day for him. because it's kindof a big deal. (my friend avram did this same ironman several years ago, but i had a wedding that day & missed it -avram i'll document your next one :)

i got there about 20 minutes before the race started -the anticipation was intense. what i didn't expect was to cry off and on all day long. i was worn out & all i did was photograph the man. it was such a cool experience, thank you for letting me be a part of it! and meg thanks for getting me such great access!

enjoy the slide show :)

a few images included were taken by other peops:
mark, bill & official photog for ironman!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


is one of the sweetest little girls i've ever met. and her parents were too cute. this is a cute overload post, so prepare yourself.

one of my favorites. she's almost 6 months old!


this is her "i'm so bored already" face.

check out the drool!!!!

and i'm bored again.

doesn't she look like she's flying?!

another favorite. she is too stinken precious!

this one kills me. those eyes.

sooo big.


love this one!

i can't decide if she's saying "oh, boys..." or "i'm too sexy for my tutu!"

oh my gawd. i would have this for sure blown up on a canvas.

daddy's girl.

isn't this sweet?

it looks as if she's saying oh brother, but i love it.

so tiny.

i think i have like 10 favorites & this one is definitely in the running.

yum... toes.

sweet, sweet nap time.

i'll leave you with that one.
thanks chris & jamie!!!! it was so nice meeting your sweet little family!