Monday, August 14, 2017

lori ronnie & milo : louisville family photographer

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says every minute someone will be 
bought, sold, or forced into slavery. 

that's not how i usually start a blog post... 
but this sweet family won their session at the Kentuckians Against Human Trafficking fundraiser. 

 that quote above is so insane to me. 
innocent children & young adults are being forced into this. 
& it's not in another country it's in our backyard.  
i encourage you to look into this epidemic & see if there isn't anything 
you're moved to do to help with this cause. 

lori & ronnie are volunteers for this organization & i was so excited they won the session. 
here are a few of my favorites! 

lil milo is ADORable! 

my favorite. 

i aske milo to run as quick as he could to his parents! 

& they got so excited they bonked heads. 

thanks for all your hardwork in defeating this atrocity. 
and thanks for letting me hang out with your sweet lil family for the morning!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

melissa & bryan : louisville wedding photographer

my beautiful sister n law got married!!!!!
i was more than a little weepy... to be honest. 
i've known her since she was a freshmen in high school.
we ended up at the same college together
& became friends. 

i've watched her become a passionate, strong woman. 
i've watched her fall in love with this guy, who slowly
made his way into her heart where he knew he belonged. 
for he was an equal to her -as kind and generous. 
soon after we moved back, he picked my daughter up from school 
so that i could be at the hospital with my dying uncle.  
they are good people. 

& i got to photograph their special day.

without further ado, here are a few of my favorites. 

she's so beautimous!! 

ashleigh practicing her speech in the hallway, making us cry likes it's her job. 

professional nails courtesy of maya leigh! 

some very curious nieces. 

some crazies jumping on the bed. 

meanwhile bryan is busy... 

watching golf! 


they exchanged their vows privately... ro sham boing for who goes first. 
one of my favorite images. 

melissa had to pause at one point because she lost it... so did all of us watching!

the moment we all knew was coming... ron seeing melissa. damn tears!!!

another favorite!!! 

well over a year ago bryan brought over several beautiful rings that had belonged 
to his grandmother and asked which i thought melissa would like.  
this one was the obvious winner. 
we did good that day!  turns out melissa randomly tagged an almost 
identical ring years before to her pinterest page. 

speeches with embarassing stories are the best by far & these two speeches were perfect! 

everyone learned about melissa skipping school in this moment!  

it was pretty hot... 
we think it's going to go down as the hottest day of 2017... 
but they're hoping for the hottest day in 5 years!

 a really intense dab competetion.

someone found a cupcake box and helped themselves to another delicious treat! 

it was a beautiful wedding with lots of personal touches. 
melissa & bryan put a lot of thought & care into planning a socially conscious wedding. 

here are their vendors that helped them accomplish a fabulous day:

Catering: Naiman's Catering
Music: Tank Entertainment
Adult Slushies: Frozen De-Lites
Florist: Pure Pollen Flowers at Foxhollow Farms
Makeup: Kayla Greenwell 
Coordinator: Stephani Rarig

"you are the poem i never knew how to write and this life is the story i have always wanted to tell"
-tyler khott gregson

congratulations melissa & bryan... i am so happy for you!