Thursday, October 22, 2009

ashley & aaron are married!

they were married on september 20th in the lovely state of georgia.

much like their engagement session the skies were worrisome again on their wedding day. randomly during their portraits we'd have to seek shelter. it cleared up off & on, occasionally looking beautiful & then right before the ceremony with a nice size blip on the radar we braved the weather & ashley & aaron were married outside as they had hoped! it was perfect... the minister heard the thunder quickly approaching- skipped a few parts of the ceremony & said "kiss the bride!" and we quickly ran inside!

& then the reception. it was very sweet with first dances, toasts, bouquet & garter toss, a bridesmaid & a groomsmen (brother & sister as well) sang one of the most beautiful duets i've ever heard. it was a lovely evening. inside! outside the skies let it pour & pour :)

da bride :)

i love these shots. i know i've said it before, but it's as if you're born again as a bride!

meanwhile the boys are getting ready as well...

love this one.

they actually chose to see each other before hand. WHICH I LOVE!!!! did i just scream that, i'm sorry i meant to use a mega phone. it allows us so much more time, that's relaxed to capture your love.

first glance. how cute are they?

portrait time. ashley really wanted a good variety- so this was the longest i've ever been given for portraits & i think we got some reallllly cool ones.

these boys really didn't know how to enjoy themselves. i mean come on. how cute are they? no one even whined, except maybe aaron should have after he got kicked!

the ladies looking temptressie. is that a word? ya get my drift.


so pretty.

liking it a whole lot.



oh i lied. this is my favorite.

& for the ceremony! the sun was literally out for maybe two minutes of which ashley & her father were walking down the aisle. how cool is that?

reception... :)

i love the first dance. such a sweet public moment.

grooms cake :)

oh lord. stop it ashley. every lady i looked at had tears in their eyes. not me though, i'm tough as nails. sheesh. as if i had a chance.

we all recovered quite nicely though.

the best man speech was hilarious. these are necessary survivor tools!

what a beautiful day. thank you all so much for choosing me to document it!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ashley & aaron's engagement session

ashley, aaron & i met for the first time at their engagement session. they had attended two weddings i'd shot: richard & kristen's & andrew & lauren's. i was so flattered when they called & asked me to shoot theirs!

so we met up a few nights before the wedding. the weather held out for about 40 minutes & then rain forced us to hide in target's parking lot. with a lil creativity we got some really great shots & one killer image!


it was drizzling so we started out here. love this!

& then we ventured outside.

this makes me think of first date cuteness.

fav #2

& then the sky started looking a little worrisome.

so we headed back to the garage for a wardrobe change & some cover!

it was pouring outside! the rain was flooding in.

so we met up again early the next morning for some more in their formal clothes!

fav #3

& then my favorite for last. on our way out (the night before) i asked if they'd be willing to get wet... & they said yep! so we put our hazard lights on, parked in the middle of the road & took this... so great. i love my new camera... for not dying after it got drenched & for being able to handle very low light situations so beautifully.

wedding pics are coming soon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

blog action day.

today. bloggers are supposed to unite & talk about this here planet. & how much it means to us. & how we can start changing our ways to keep it healthy.

one new thing we're adding to our list is: composting :0 we've started with a little bin & hope to purchase a big plastic one that's easy to turn soon.

& i just ordered my reusable bags that will serve as my christmas wrappings because they're 60% off right now!

something that continues to erk me (& i'm talking to you mama & everyone at costco!!) plastic bottles. what's the point. they're expensive & sooooooooo wasteful. please, please, please buy a reusable bottle from nalgene or klean kantene. those are on sale too at reusable bags! even if you recycle those plastic throw away bottles you're still using earth's resources when there is a much better solution. and it's easy. AND IT'S GOING TO SAVE YOU MONEY.

finn's starting to wake up so i'll just leave you with a challenge:

this month, change one thing you do on a regular basis to a more earth friendly option.

i thank you in adavance!

erin & tim's wedding.

erin & tim met at silver bay, several years ago. so, it was no surprise that they'd choose the beautiful sba to get married. friends & family from all over the world joined them on their wedding day! it was such a great party!

here are a few of my favorites!

yep, crocs! how sweet is that?

this may be my favorite dress shot ever. the colors, the bike. too cool.

the lovely bride!

she made her bouquet- how creative is she?!!


the handsome tim!

their ceremony was in front of the lake- no one has ever been married in this spot before... but i'm guessing they'll all want to get married here after! it was perfect.

sweet moment with her dad.

love this of the moms.

announcing... mr & mrs!


might be my favorite!

but this one is stinken cute too.

lil different angle.

erin told me earlier in the day "feel free to ask us do things you might be afraid to ask other wedding parties to do." um.... okay- boys shoes off you're going in the lake :)

love it!

reception. erin had butterflies everywhere!

my sister pointed out that these are erin's colors of her wedding- so it's kinda perfect!


get it bridesmaids... but leave some for me :)

back flips, baby.

i thought the motion to this one was pretty cool.

tim's nephew stole the dance floor!

& i'll end with a sweet silhouette.

congratulations you two! i hope you have a wonderful life together :)