Wednesday, October 14, 2009

chris & christy & nicole!

remember this couple.... they were married in december of 07!

well, we've tried on several occasions to get together since then- but it just hasn't worked out. so, when they called & said they were going on a road trip & stopping in arizona to visit family we were determined to make sure we somehow got to see eachother. i had to meet their little girl nicole.
she is the sweetest little thing. very calm & soft & all those things you dream of when you think of baby girls.

i hope you enjoy the pictures!

chris has been overseas in iraq for quite awhile. he made it home safe & sound :)

i love this one!

love, love, love!

precious does not even begin to describe this little child.

mama lovin.

family time.


love it! look at those little legs :)

i spy some teeth!

& then i'll leave you with my favorite of the three of them.

it was soooo good to see you all again- let's not wait 2 years next time!

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