Wednesday, July 31, 2013

rarig's : new york family photographer

this is my sister & brother n law's family, the rarig's! 

we started with the grandparents: mom mom & grandpa

grandpa & the girls!

mom mom & the boys! 

the whole gang! 

ally & lindsay, aren't they beautiful?  


jeff, max & steph!

molly, charlie, natalie & dougy!

love this one! 

aw :)

kristi & dave

lindsay, kristi, ally, josh & dave. 

natalie & maxwell... teehee!

what are you looking at? what are you looking at?

these two were hilarious together. 

even josh thought so!



beautiful babes. 

love you guys!!

doug, kelli & darby : new york family photographer

even though doug wasn't excited about a portrait session,
i promised we'd have fun & he was soon suggesting poses :)

 meet their sweet little girl, darby. isn't she precious?!

one of my favorites!

another fav. 

she's such a doll baby, and i'm not even saying that because i'm biased to beautiful red headed children! 


but, i think this is my all time favorite. 

so big!


um, guys, what's going on here? 

so, so sweet. 

exploring the rocks.  love how calmly she studied things. 

good lookin' parents! 

hmm, don't think i like this... silly rabbits. 

thanks for letting me take some photos of your beautiful family!!! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

john & jenn, william & charles : new york family photographer

this adorable family...  all started here at silver bay
john & jenn met here & then years later were married, right there at that chapel. 
so it was only appropriate that we get a few photos here. 

this happens quite a bit. emp love. my sister & brother n law met here, too.  
it's a magical place i tell ya. 

& then right about here jenn & charles left for the bathroom. 

so it was daddy & william time. 

i love this one. so sweet. 

a few of his awesome looks! 

charles came back & we took a few more. 
poor guy's stomach wasn't feeling so well, but he did a great job for a few more! 

my favorite. 

or maybe this one  :)

so so sweet. 

and then a close up of these adorable faces!!!

so glad we finally got to do a session together!!!!  thanks so much!