Thursday, July 25, 2013

ben, julie, killian & rosie : new york family photographer

i truly enjoyed meeting this family. if we lived in the same city, we would totally be best buds.  
they've just moved from alaska to upstate new york & are looking to settle in vermont. 
ah, what a dream!

meet ben, julie, killian & rosie! 

adorable kids! 

fix height

killian was so brave, climbing things, flipping off swings. his motivation "i bet ya can't do that!"
we've tried it on our kids a few times since, and man does it work! 

i love this picture. 

and her lil scrunched up nose! 

one of my favorites! 

sweet babes. 

we kept trying to get killian to give his sister a kiss on the cheek. 
she was even nice enough to point out where we wanted the kiss...

we got a lick?!

and after many attempts we got it!!  sweetness. 

we took a couple with julie's mom, kate. 


but this one is my absolute favorite. LOVE IT. isn't julie beautiful?

love this sequence!  
killian performing the matrix! 

what fun!!!!  it was so great to hang out with ya'll! hope to see you again next summer, if not sooner :)

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