Wednesday, April 15, 2009

marykay & karl...

were married april 4th at the scottsdale center for the arts. it was all so beautiful... everything! the details, the bride & groom, the obvious love that their friends & family had for them... it was an awesome day.

the vendors all deserve a shout out! they were fantastic.

wedding planner: cicely of life design event planning.
make-up: michele douglas
hair: sarah jane
flowers: table tops etc
food: santa barbara catering

& i want to give a special shout-out to my assistant lizzie. she was so helpful & awesome!

without further ado... can i make this anymore painful for you marykay ;)~ she has checked in several times while on her honeymoon!

the pictures.

the stunning bride.

detail magic by lizzie.

getting ready!

the boys... getting handsome.

they chose to see eachother before hand... & this is karl when he first sees marykay.

& once it sunk in...

i love the tenderness in this one.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. can they be any better lookin?

& the playfulness here!

another of lizzie's!

karl made the amazing arch that they're standing under. wasn't the ceremony fabulous with that yummy light???

they did a unique thing during the ceremony -they had an aveca plant that their moms poured dirt into & then marykay & karl watered it. i thought it was lovely.

married! i love this one.

the mondrian is so funky- so we had to get a few shots in there.

lizzie captured this & i think it is so simple & clean & beautiful.

the cake. how dramatic is this!

karl's gift to the groomsmen were chucks & pink socks... so um, yeah i needed to get this shot.

the courtyard looked stunning between the lights, dramatic cherry blossoms & beautiful table settings.

first dance.

marykay needed her pink chucks too! isn't this adorable?

what a great night. there are so many more photographs i wanted to post...

thank you marykay & karl for letting me be there on your special day. it couldn't have been more awesomer :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

family portraits....

i love doing family portraits. i hope to start doing even more of them. so if you are part of a family & you wanna get some fun pictures taken... call me!!

this past sunday i met up with some good friends of mine, cathi & tyler & their twin 2 year olds. i knew i'd have my hands full... they're 2!!! & i was a bit sore from the wedding the day before (which i've begun editing & they are awesome, can't wait to show you!) anyways... i've gotten to document these twins from before they were out of their mama's belly -so it's been a lot of fun to see how they're developing into little people with such awesome personalities. on sunday- they were of the serious variety & only by swinging did we get some good giggles out of em. but i love the images we got. i'm seeing at least one large canvas for the family room.... :)

we rode the carousel... how cute is this? see how serious the kids were?

we did like the train more :)

i looooooved this. they are very sweet together- when they're not being 2 & siblings :)~

okay, i think my heart skipped a beat when i saw this photo. can't you just envision them being such good friends their whole life?

mom & isabelle.

i had it in my head i wanted this silhouette... but the kids were much more interested in running down the hill or throwing the lovely dry arizona grass...

so this was as close as i got... but i think it's still really cool!

can this child be anymore adorable?

& this one is going to be a heart breaker...


they really wanted a family portrait... & sometimes you have to be creative :)

i think this one is too funny.

swing batta, batta, swing.

thanks cat & tyler... you know i love hanging out with you all!

i'll leave you all with some cute lil monkeys.

Friday, April 3, 2009

jane & justin

will be getting married at the botanical gardens this fall! but we decided to go ahead & do their engagement session because the weather doesn't get much better than this.

*little disclaimer*
i think i deserve at least partial credit for these two ending up together ;) justin got her number at a lil get together i organized. so this relationship is especially fun for me to document!

without further ado here are my favorites:

this may be my favorite one...

the light was yummy.


justin designed the ring himself... how cool is that?

runner up for fav. i love how happy jane is.

aren't they adorable? i didn't even tell 'em to do this although i was thinking it.

yummy sunset.

& we ended the night with some lightrail bluriness.

thanks you two. i can't wait for october.