Wednesday, April 8, 2009

family portraits....

i love doing family portraits. i hope to start doing even more of them. so if you are part of a family & you wanna get some fun pictures taken... call me!!

this past sunday i met up with some good friends of mine, cathi & tyler & their twin 2 year olds. i knew i'd have my hands full... they're 2!!! & i was a bit sore from the wedding the day before (which i've begun editing & they are awesome, can't wait to show you!) anyways... i've gotten to document these twins from before they were out of their mama's belly -so it's been a lot of fun to see how they're developing into little people with such awesome personalities. on sunday- they were of the serious variety & only by swinging did we get some good giggles out of em. but i love the images we got. i'm seeing at least one large canvas for the family room.... :)

we rode the carousel... how cute is this? see how serious the kids were?

we did like the train more :)

i looooooved this. they are very sweet together- when they're not being 2 & siblings :)~

okay, i think my heart skipped a beat when i saw this photo. can't you just envision them being such good friends their whole life?

mom & isabelle.

i had it in my head i wanted this silhouette... but the kids were much more interested in running down the hill or throwing the lovely dry arizona grass...

so this was as close as i got... but i think it's still really cool!

can this child be anymore adorable?

& this one is going to be a heart breaker...


they really wanted a family portrait... & sometimes you have to be creative :)

i think this one is too funny.

swing batta, batta, swing.

thanks cat & tyler... you know i love hanging out with you all!

i'll leave you all with some cute lil monkeys.


  1. Ahh the challenges of little ones! I love how creative you got the swing family photo is very beautiful and unique and never would have happened I bet if the kids were being picture perfect.

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