Wednesday, April 1, 2009

brittany & dave eshoot

brittany & dave are getting married april 17th at the boojum tree... & i am so excited for it!

this past weekend we met up to take their engagement session & i think we got some awesome pictures.

here are some of my favorites!

this one is sooo sweet.

i love this one.

& this one.

nice lil silhouette action.

they have 2 cats. this guy was super friendly & photogenic! i think this one is awesome.

but this one is cute as well. so tough call.

kissee that nose.

thanks for being so easy to photograph you two! :)

i had lots of fun & we only have about a month to go until we can do it again!

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  1. Beautiful pictures you can really feel the tenderness between the two of them in these pictures.