Sunday, March 29, 2009


this is my sarah bear. my best friend. we met in college but became close after she transferred away from western. so our friendship has been long distance, except for the awesome 6 months that i lived with her before bryan & i moved here to phx. i'll always cherish that time we had together. now she is a 6th grade teacher outside of atlanta, georgia. and she's awesome at it. the kids love her.

so, while i was in atlanta for andrew & lauren's wedding, we did a lil photo shoot of her & her babies. bosco & pork chop, two incredibly energetic & sweet boxers.

here are a few of my favorites!

sarah & her boys.

i love this one. it's very realistic- seems like one of em is always given her kisses.

now... bosco, the one she's babying here- she's had since he was a puppy. this dog is special. she has to hold an umbrella over him in order for him to use the restroom while it's raining outside. that is the photo i need to capture :) one of these days.

& pork chop she just rescued... but he fits in with this cute lil family -perfectly.

a girl's bestfriends... besides me of course :) love you sarah.

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