Thursday, March 12, 2009

andrew & lauren.

were married this past saturday!!!! i've started editing the pictures & i can't wait to show them to you! they're stunning. not a bad way to start my wedding season off :)

but for now i'd like to post a few of the engagement pictures that we took a few nights before the ceremony! we walked around peidmont park & found some cool locations.

this couple is gorgeous. they were so easy to work with & isn't lauren's hair amazing? i love it!

andrew & lauren are very musically inclined... so he borrowed a friends classic guitar. there were only 68 of these made & this is number 67 :) pretty swanky, huh?

purty light. this reminds me of the movie, once, for some reason!

aren't they adorable?

one of my favorites.

but this is my favorite.

stay tuned for the wedding pics! have a wonderful honeymoon you two :)


  1. I so love the angle onthe guitar kiss we so have to da picture of Max and I some day like that but maybe with 2 guitars.

    Amazing as wonderful.