Wednesday, July 30, 2008

richard & kristen

got married this past saturday in atlanta!!! i flew in a few days early so we could do an engagement session & they turned out sooo cute. it was hard to edit these down, but here are my favorites.

such yummy light.

aren't they adorable?

isn't kristen hot!

my fetish for old metal porch chairs- loved this one.

we were walking to this mural i wanted to take them to & this mirror caught my attention.

i had to bring them here! it's atlanta afterall.

in the running for favorite!

i love piedmont park & the sky was working with me.

i think this one is awesome!

this, i think is my favorite.

i had such a great time with you guys- your love is a beautiful thing!

Monday, July 28, 2008

markus & sarah

are such a cool couple from new york city. they had a small ceremony at l'auburge in sedona, with just sarah's father present. i was their other witness :) it was so sweet & intimate & l'auburge is amazing!

here are a few of my favorites.

during the ceremony, the officiant talked about looking into the future together...

they wanted to be married by the creek, so it was very peaceful. look at how cute her dad is... he was filming & taking pictures with his camera phone :)

look at that cute smile markus is flashing his wife!!!!

with this beeeeeeautiful ring, i thee wed.

now smooch & make it official!

i had to get another detail of those rings. i'd never seen rose gold before & love it.

sweet portrait.

cute moment.

old fashion portrait. i loved her dress it made me think classis, jackie-o even.

her dad was so sweet -sharing advice on what made his marriage to sarah's late mother so wonderful. such a sweet family.

time for celebration!

a toast to the happy new couple!

the happy groom.

the excited bride telling her brother she was married!

i saved my favorite portrait for last. sarah was such a trooper because this was done in sand & she was sinking!

what a sweet ceremony & event. thank you for letting me be a part of it! officially, signature n all :)

ms. mora.

casey emailed me & asked that while i was in town to shoot their reception if i wouldn't mind shooting her sister's senior portrait session- i said, why of course!

ms. mora is the sweetest, funnest thang there is.

here are some of my favs:

i love this one!

so beautiful.

i'm so happy we got this one because we survived a bug mainfesto to get it!!!

i love this light.

i thought this one was symbolic & cool...
you're heading down the road to success & happiness, girl!

this is my favorite. by far.

then i made nick jump in, literally :)

we took a sweet, little family shot with their dog, taber.

& then one with all three kids & dogs! that was a fun challenge :)

i love this one of casey & mora. notice the heart tree- cool, huh?

favorite of the sisters together!

although this one is cute too!

seriously, great weekend in michigan, thanks guys. it was so great meeting you all!

good luck with senior year & then college -mora!

Friday, July 25, 2008

casey & nick

i just finished their slideshow!

it was quite the party...

you michiganders are almost too much fun!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

casey & nick

are a very sweet couple who live abroad. they are home in ann arbor, mi. for the
summer until nick finds out which team/country he'll play ice hockey for...
last year they were germany!

so, these 2 love birds, who've been dating since they were 17, were married
several weeks ago in italy. how cool is that? & they wanted to have a reception at
home for the guests that weren't able to make it & they flew me up & over for it!
i'd never been to michigan so i was excited to see a new state!

plus it was ted's brothers wedding which means i got to hangout with two of my dear
friends. remember ted & sarah from boulder just a few months back? well this
time we were hanging out in their home town, which is very cool.

here are a few of my favorite images from the reception.

this may be my new favorite detail.

here is casey & nick.

aren't they beautiful?

they gave out these wine bottles as party favors- they were a big hit!

mora, casey's younger sister gave an awesome speech.

& ted had everyone laughing with stories of how nick use to be a dancer.

their first dance was really sweet, using natural light for a funky effect.

a serious toast...

casey's grandmother was hillarious! nick's ice hockey buds gave him a "stanley cup"
with their names engraved, which they were drinking from all night until
grandma stole it!

they danced around this cup like it was a god- silly hockey people :)

i had a such a great night & really enjoyed meeting you both, your family & crazy friends!
i wish you two a lifetime of fun adventures & happiness.