Wednesday, July 16, 2008

oh how i love the monsoon season...

sunday night we got back from playing over at our friend cathi & tyler's house with their twins & saw the streets & yards flooded!!!! our dogs love playing in this one field by the dog park, they are totally different creatures when in water- like kylie stops taking naps & actually remembers how to fetch! & skye, well, she is even crazier.

i took the camera to document our fun & here are some of my favorites:

oh la la.

little rain drop holding on.

speedy gonzales.

she is so freaken goofy.

i want that stick, no i want that stick.

kylie was pretty submissive & if skye stole the stick she'd mop back over to us, but she got more aggressive!

bryan beardless- i haven't seen his face since thanksgiving!

beautiful sunset & my sweet puppy.

i love this shot of skye.

so, playing in puddles is still fun at the ripe old age of 27. i think it's even inspired me to buy some galoches- for the whole 2x a year i'll need them here in the desert :)


  1. i don't want to until thanksgiving see his face...

    but tomorrow would be nice...

    gus and leo miss uncle red beard

  2. Holy crap! Bryan looks like he's a 14 year old Beetle wannabe!

  3. What cute pups! :-) They look like they were having a blast racing around in that water!