Wednesday, July 2, 2008

chris jordan...

remember that crazy post a few weeks back about an artist that i really
admired. not only is he incredibly creative -his work is all about public
education- waking our country up to the gross excess that we are made
up of. paper cups, newspapers, grocery bags, etc. it's amazing in a bad way
& such a large issue that it hurts our heads to think about it, but Chris
helps us with his artwork. i just watched a talk he gave at ted, an awesome
organization that supports new ways of thinking & it's so worth a few
minutes of your time.

as i watched this clip while sitting at the airport i drank water from my klean
kanteen! & ate my frosty in a stupid paper cup! argh!!!!!!! i slapped my
head because even though i try my darndest to make conscientious
decisions in an earth friendly manner we all slip up.
but we all
must try harder.
during the flight i noticed we were served drinks twice. that means everyone
went through 2 cans (not recycled) & 2 plastic cups (not recycled) & 2 napkins
(not recycled) that's a whole lot of stuff, especially if you think about how many
flights take place in one day. in one week. in one month. in one year.
even with me asking the flight attendant to pour water into my kanteen to avoid
the cups everyone around me still took both cups. i don't think it crossed their
minds & i have a hard time figuring out how to nicely suggest they save their first
cup & to ultimately think about their actions. hopefully they noticed my action &
someone repeats it. but honestly, that doesn't cut it. that method will take too long-
i wish i had the money to buy a sha-ton of nalgenes & just hand em out. when i win
the lottery that'll be one of my things. anyways- i hope you have a successful day
of being earth friendly!

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