Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i turn 27. it's a harsh number because i am now in my late 20's. life is well on
it's way. i like where's it going though... i'm purty happy. i'm in atlanta right now-
my best friend sarah bought a house & i owed her big time in the moving
department so i helped her move in last night. we christened the house with some
corona's & a lime :)

i just got back from having lunch solo at alan's & now i'm getting ready to eat my
cute lil cream cheese pie thingee covered in fruit & sit on my aunt barb & uncle
don's porch & read my book. i love atlanta. it's a wonderful city.

i've received so many happy b-day wishes & i'm so thankful for all of you, but i
wanted to share one that made me smile.

i hope everyone has a wonderful tuesday.


  1. Happy Birthday Megan! It just keeps getting better with age :) Well, minus the random body aches that start sprouting up post 30 :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Meg! So happy we are friends and thanks for being so awesome!

  3. happy happy happy birthday! sending you lots of love from the reinharts!

  4. Have a fabulous birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. happy belated bday, megan! hope it was wonderful!