Friday, June 20, 2008

being a pet owner & always wanting karma to be on my side i ALWAYS stop for stray/runaway dogs. today i saw this cute lil cocker spaniel running like a bat out of hell towards a major intersection near my house. by the time i was able to turn around i'd lost sight of her but noticed people in search mode- i yelled from my window "are you looking for a dog... she went that way" she'd gotten about 4 or 5 blocks further & hidden under an suv. three women were trying to coax her out. we finally got her with some water & wrapped her in a blanket & tried to drive back down the street looking for her owners. they were gone. probably home to get their car but that makes it impossible for me to find her or for them to know i have her. i took her by the animal hospital down the street. no chip- but they took my info in case they looked for her there. i posted her picture on which is the point of this post.

i don't think many people know about this great lil website. hopefully her owners will find her posted here or notice the signs bryan & stapled up tonight around the neighborhood. she has no tags. such a sweet little girl & obviously well kept & loved. so here's to hoping we can find her owners!

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  1. You have such a dog network neighborhood, I am sure she will be reunited any news?