Thursday, May 12, 2016

hartlages : louisville family photographer

i can't get enough of this sweet family.
eleanor & margaret were adorable. 

this might be a long post...
i wasn't so great at whittling it down :0

miss eleanor just turned 4!

this little girl is brave & funny & simply stunning. 

this child was a hoot & wanted nothing to do with me unless it resulted in being fed m&m's. 
she's smart. y'all are gonna have to watch out for her! 

so adorable.

oh margaret! 

love this. 

& i will end with this because it just makes me so happy. 

keeping doing what you're doing mama & papa... 
they are amazing kiddos. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

javier family : louisville family photographer

i went to high school with jamie (the gal in black). 
we were in almost every art class together.
she is an incredible artist!   

i was so excited to catch up with her & her family!

i love this one of all the happy babes!

this is jamie's husband, jacob grant... he wrote an amazing children's book scaredy kate. 

it was so sweet being with you all again! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

kate : louisville senior portrait photographer

meet my beautiful baby cousin, kate. 
i can't believe she's a senior. when did that happen?! 
we met up a couple weeks ago to do her senior portraits 
& we found a couple fun locations... 
my favorite was this field! 

one of my favorites :) 

you are gorgeous babe. 

congrats on surviving high school!!  
this next part is awesome!