Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ah the desert.

so it's time for a personal post!

this past sunday we had an awesome day. we walked the tempe arts festival & i bought a new cup from my bird lady, village clayworks. she's so awesome.

then, while looking at a booth with amazing embroidery of landscapes (they looked like photographs from a distance (we were soooo close to buying one, but the one we both loved was $3000!)) bryan said "i wish we'd gone hiking today" so, we booked it home, packed our stuff & headed to the superstitions around 3:00 pm. a little late in the day, but we're in full blown wildflower season here. everything is green. it's magical.

it was by far one of my most favorite local hikes we've ever done. thank you art, for inspiring us to get out!!!

we let the dogs off the leash so they could splash in the pools.

finn LOVES hiking. he is completely captivated by the wind & trees.

my boys.

see... green!!!!

favorite detail.

the girls love hiking.

I LOVE THIS. thank the lord for the timer option. we're getting a canvas of this one, for sure.

this one makes me happy.

yeah, for pictures of mama & finn together.

my sweet, sweet kylie. skye couldn't be bothered to go over there with her- she was chasing bugs or something.

bryan & the moon.

on the way home we stopped by a mom & pop's pizza joint. we love finding little holes in the walls. we got home around 9:30 with finn passed out in his car seat & we quickly crashed after.

such a lovely, lovely day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

& we have a winner!

thank you to all of you that donated.

you can still donate- but the contest is now closed.

we had a couple silent bidders & they were neck & neck...

the winner is keith aspinall!!!! congratulations!

together we raised over $800! i am so impressed & thankful for you, each of you. your donation is going to an amazing cause :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i didn't realize how much fun give-aways were... but i'm loving the anticipation of who's gonna win & how much we can raise for a good cause. keep it up ya'll! i may have to do more of these :)

we've raised $410... you guys are rocking it!

speaking of give-aways. over on epiphanie's blog they have a killer give-away. a new 5dmark 11 or $2500 southwest gift card!!!!

here's the link if you'd like to take a look!

one day i'll host give-aways that large!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


bryan, finn & myself are walking for muscular dystrophy on march 27th.

stride & ride, baby.

we're hoping to raise money to help find a cure for muscular disease.

our personal goal is to raise $500.

i'm hoping to sweeten the deal by giving the largest donor a free portrait session!

that's a $300 value.

you'll get one hour on location & a $100 product credit. (must be used in 2010)


bidding ends on march 25th at 5pm phx time!

visit our page here to make your donation now! thanks.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

mary & bryan

are my first wedding for 2010... i can't wait!!! we got together to do their engagement session down at the waterfront. it was a beautiful day, a little chilly- but warm enough the park was crowded with families enjoying the sun.

here are a few of my favorites.

there's something about this one... i like it.

blinggggggggggg. bling.

they're so sweet together.

and cute.

very cute.

& they're very playful. which is always a plus in my book!

we sort of kidnapped this adorable dog for a couple pictures.

i likes this one.

but i love this.

then, after the waterfront we headed to capt'n quarters -where they met. we got there just in time for the amazing sunset. i love this series of silhouettes.

& then on the way home i had to get some with this driveway. i loved everything about it- the stone entrance- the trees lining the road.

i'm pretty sure this is my favorite.


on my drive home i stopped to get this for bryan- who had mentioned the louisville skyline was his favorite- out of all the cities he'd visited... louisville's was the most beautiful & from this perspective i see his point!

i can't wait for may!!!!