Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ah the desert.

so it's time for a personal post!

this past sunday we had an awesome day. we walked the tempe arts festival & i bought a new cup from my bird lady, village clayworks. she's so awesome.

then, while looking at a booth with amazing embroidery of landscapes (they looked like photographs from a distance (we were soooo close to buying one, but the one we both loved was $3000!)) bryan said "i wish we'd gone hiking today" so, we booked it home, packed our stuff & headed to the superstitions around 3:00 pm. a little late in the day, but we're in full blown wildflower season here. everything is green. it's magical.

it was by far one of my most favorite local hikes we've ever done. thank you art, for inspiring us to get out!!!

we let the dogs off the leash so they could splash in the pools.

finn LOVES hiking. he is completely captivated by the wind & trees.

my boys.

see... green!!!!

favorite detail.

the girls love hiking.

I LOVE THIS. thank the lord for the timer option. we're getting a canvas of this one, for sure.

this one makes me happy.

yeah, for pictures of mama & finn together.

my sweet, sweet kylie. skye couldn't be bothered to go over there with her- she was chasing bugs or something.

bryan & the moon.

on the way home we stopped by a mom & pop's pizza joint. we love finding little holes in the walls. we got home around 9:30 with finn passed out in his car seat & we quickly crashed after.

such a lovely, lovely day.


  1. Amazing the family photo melted my heart to jello! Yeah for the art that you did not buy and inspired your own ART! I would pick a favorite but that is impossible!

  2. It sounds like the perfect day. I love the photos. They make me want to come out there and join you!