Tuesday, April 10, 2018

christia & and all her fur babies : phoenix family photographer

a few days after i gave birth to maya i gave myself an awful haircut. lawdy, it was bad. 
i called the closest salon & made an appointment. 
this beautiful soul rescued me & has been cutting my hair since. i try to plan
my haircuts with one of my two trips to phoenix every year. 

meet christia. 
she's so fun & kind & even though we never hung out... i adore her & count her as a friend.

i knew she had some dogs. she'd talked about them. 
we discussed doing a session & luck fell into place in january while we were on our family vacation.

she shows up with 5 dogs! 
it was quite a sight to see & my kids, who were with me were over joyed. 

meet francis, finn, spotlight, butters & chomp!

i love, love, LOVE the images we got. 

"a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."
-josh billings

Monday, April 9, 2018

grayson's 1st birthday : lousiville family photographer

meet grayson, my friends kara & troy's baby boy. 
he recently turned one so we did a lil session in my studio.  
these one year old/smash cake sessions are quickly becoming a favorite.

his big sis denali is hilarious. 

our friend carlie from true north catering made the smash cake... isn't it incredible??!!

 he LOVED it. except the sugar on top... that was hilarious! 

his best blue steel. 

love love love this one. wish i had a photo of me with my babes like this.  
such a special moment captured forever. 

but this is probably what it's like 95% of the time! :)

here's to an amazing year grayson!