Sunday, March 29, 2009


this is my sarah bear. my best friend. we met in college but became close after she transferred away from western. so our friendship has been long distance, except for the awesome 6 months that i lived with her before bryan & i moved here to phx. i'll always cherish that time we had together. now she is a 6th grade teacher outside of atlanta, georgia. and she's awesome at it. the kids love her.

so, while i was in atlanta for andrew & lauren's wedding, we did a lil photo shoot of her & her babies. bosco & pork chop, two incredibly energetic & sweet boxers.

here are a few of my favorites!

sarah & her boys.

i love this one. it's very realistic- seems like one of em is always given her kisses.

now... bosco, the one she's babying here- she's had since he was a puppy. this dog is special. she has to hold an umbrella over him in order for him to use the restroom while it's raining outside. that is the photo i need to capture :) one of these days.

& pork chop she just rescued... but he fits in with this cute lil family -perfectly.

a girl's bestfriends... besides me of course :) love you sarah.

Friday, March 20, 2009

andrew & lauren.

were married on march 7th in atlanta georgia. the day was as perfect as could be. the church, rock springs preb., was beautiful... if not a little difficult to work with, but beautiful none the less. the bride & the groom were so incredibly relaxed and happy. a complete joy to work with. the reception was at houston mills, a very cool house on emory's campus.

here are a few of my favorites!

lauren with pigtails!

admiring her hair swept up & away.

her mom & younger sister... i love this shot.

the sister's. i love this shot too.

andrew warned me that they were shoe people, but these have to be the most fantastic shoes a bride has ever worn. i don't know how she did it, but it's impressive!

her dress was fantastic. i'll stop there because i couldn't do it justice.

how beautiful is this?

the handsome groom.

uh-oh. i think it's stuck!

andrew & his mama.

possibly my favorite father daughter moment ever.

the ceremony.

richard, who was married last july, andrew & his younger brother brock. cute eh?

the boys.

lauren & her sister's.

the lovely ladies.

a kiss with the sunsetting on the beautiful couple.

the shoes. again. because they are so cool.

i know this is kinda serious, but i really like it for some reason.

and then not so serious.... :)

possibly my favorite portrait.

lauren & her grandpa!

they smooshed it!

nice andrew... nice!

the boys & their cigars at the end of the night.

they were showered with lavender as they left... it smelled so fabulous!

& then they got in their sweet ride & rode off as husband & wife.

& lived happily ever after :) congratulations you two!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

our president.

whataman, eh?

i think all the nay sayers that said he didn't have time to do this interview with leno or that he shouldn't take the time to do it because of the condition our world is in... are asses. or is it ass' ?

he is well rounded. he understands balance. that's one of the reason's i love this man.

okay, now i can go to bed happy.

we got some big environmental days a coming!

world water day is this sunday! i hope you'll commit by then (if you don't already) to using a nalgene or klean kanteen instead of buying disposable water bottles. it's down right silly to keep buying those things... it's going to save you so much money & it's way better for the environment. has some of their bottles on sale for 60% off... so get on over there!

if you send me an email with a picture of you & your reusable bottle i'll give you 10% off your next portrait session!

here's to our environment :)

& then... next saturday is earth hour.

Turn Out. Take Action.

March 28, 2009

"with more than 1,800 cities already on board, Earth Hour is set to be the biggest public event of its kind in history. In the U.S., 140 cities, towns and communities have now pledged to "turn out" for the largest climate event ever, with more signing up each day. A complete list of U.S. cities can be found at: Time is running out, but it's not too late to sign up your community or school. Visit for all the details. "

here is a quick video... i cried. it's pretty impressive what we as a people can do.

i think we'll be laying it low at home, lights out of course- maybe sitting on our patio in candle light enjoying this weather. (i had the dates originally mixed up in my head... so we will not be at dave & buster's that was last weekend :)

what will you be doing? email me & let me know how you plan to support it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

andrew & lauren.

were married this past saturday!!!! i've started editing the pictures & i can't wait to show them to you! they're stunning. not a bad way to start my wedding season off :)

but for now i'd like to post a few of the engagement pictures that we took a few nights before the ceremony! we walked around peidmont park & found some cool locations.

this couple is gorgeous. they were so easy to work with & isn't lauren's hair amazing? i love it!

andrew & lauren are very musically inclined... so he borrowed a friends classic guitar. there were only 68 of these made & this is number 67 :) pretty swanky, huh?

purty light. this reminds me of the movie, once, for some reason!

aren't they adorable?

one of my favorites.

but this is my favorite.

stay tuned for the wedding pics! have a wonderful honeymoon you two :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

dave & taryn's enagement shoot -take 2 :)

dave & taryn. i love these two. they are so much fun to be with. so a few nights ago we scheduled a lil play date to have another go at their engagement shoot. if you remember they had the awesome idea of doing a cooking class... but the head chef gave them jobs on opposite sides of the kitchen which makes life for me, the photograper, a little challenging :)

well, they wanted to do the shoot at the botanical garden, which was awesome with all of chihuly's glass!!!! but crowded, shuey. the garden was swinging for a tuesday night.

here are a few of my favorites!

dave proved his manliness during this picture- a cute pointy cactus was snuggling with him.

this is definitely the time of year that the desert comes alive. the greenery & wildflowers were fantastic.

i think this one is so cute!

see, the wildflowers were perfect... for dancing.


life. is. good.

i love the wrinkley noses!!!!!!!!

it was a very gray day, but the sunset was cotton candy!

we stayed to see the garden & glass light up & it was spectacular... you must go.

*we had to be a lil sneaky for this one, but one of my favorite professors said "it's always better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

& i love it. thanks for being dare devils!

and for being patient while i made you stand like statues :)

and i'll end the post with possibly my favorite from the shoot. they both love the garden & i think it shouts lovers in phoenix!!!

i am so excited for your wedding... that may be an understatement. yep, i do believe it is.