Friday, March 20, 2009

andrew & lauren.

were married on march 7th in atlanta georgia. the day was as perfect as could be. the church, rock springs preb., was beautiful... if not a little difficult to work with, but beautiful none the less. the bride & the groom were so incredibly relaxed and happy. a complete joy to work with. the reception was at houston mills, a very cool house on emory's campus.

here are a few of my favorites!

lauren with pigtails!

admiring her hair swept up & away.

her mom & younger sister... i love this shot.

the sister's. i love this shot too.

andrew warned me that they were shoe people, but these have to be the most fantastic shoes a bride has ever worn. i don't know how she did it, but it's impressive!

her dress was fantastic. i'll stop there because i couldn't do it justice.

how beautiful is this?

the handsome groom.

uh-oh. i think it's stuck!

andrew & his mama.

possibly my favorite father daughter moment ever.

the ceremony.

richard, who was married last july, andrew & his younger brother brock. cute eh?

the boys.

lauren & her sister's.

the lovely ladies.

a kiss with the sunsetting on the beautiful couple.

the shoes. again. because they are so cool.

i know this is kinda serious, but i really like it for some reason.

and then not so serious.... :)

possibly my favorite portrait.

lauren & her grandpa!

they smooshed it!

nice andrew... nice!

the boys & their cigars at the end of the night.

they were showered with lavender as they left... it smelled so fabulous!

& then they got in their sweet ride & rode off as husband & wife.

& lived happily ever after :) congratulations you two!!!

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  1. the mama daughter make up moment is awsome maybe a getting ready winner?