Monday, August 20, 2007

nathan & isabelle

last night i got to hang out with two adorable babies. i love doing natural photo shoots like this... it's the sweet slices of life you'll want to remember when they're older & asking for the car keys :)

meet nathan & isabelle. i photographed them while they were in their mother's belly & at three months & now at 7 months they have these great personalities & are turning into such sweet kids!

here's a few from the evening...

tyler & cathi we are definately treating you to dinner next time!!!!

here's nathan. i love his cheeks! he is already quite the flirt...

nathan & cathi.

nathan & isabelle. having some tummy time!

isabelle loves her toes-ies.

nathan & tyler.

all four of them. so sweeeeet.

click here for the slideshow!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

karl & lorinda

i met carl three years ago at wake & elizabeth's wedding. he was the best man. i was the photographer. when he called me several months back with the news that he was getting married i was ecstatic. i love, love, love it when this happens. there is no better compliment.

i was excited to meet the lucky lady who was marrying carl. lorinda, was this lucky lady & she is one of the nicest people i've ever met. they are great together. lorinda's daughter, kylie, only made this family more perfect. she was sooo cute, you'll understand in just a few pictures!

they met at a doctor's office where lorinda worked & carl was doing his rotation, but they didn't have much time to talk. then later that week they ran into eachother at the park. two years later here we are. so, we of course had to visit this park & i love the pictures we got from it! (this is why its so important to leave some time for the intimate pictures!!!)

the lovely, ms. lorinda.

ms. kylie. i giggled when i noticed this picture :)

wake standing guard over the donuts!

the handsome carl morgan.

carl's brother paul, carl & his dad carlos- his family was a hoot!

lorinda's dad & mom.

the flower girl, lily- being adorable.

the three of them.

bubbles. lots of bubbles.

the bench. i love this picture. might be one of my all time favorites.

carl & his mom.

cute kids were everywhere.

carl & lorinda, wake & elizabeth. watch out dancing with the stars :)

& how could the night end without some ymca!

lorinda's parents.

can't you feel the passion in this picture?

the wedding was fabulous. thanks for letting me be there.

we'll have to do ice cream again when i get back into town!

to see more of their wedding click here!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


i'm from louisville, kentucky. (pronounced louh-avul) a big city with a small town feel. it's home. it's wonderful & i miss it. luckily i shoot several weddings a year there so i'm never away for too long.

i was there this past week- visiting family & friends & shooting a wedding! The groom, karl, was the best man in a wedding i shot three years ago- i love it when that happens. this past saturday he married the beautiful lorinda & gained a sweet stepdaughter, kylie. karl is so great with her -it was so much fun to watch their little family.

i'm still editing those pics! so you have to be patient just a little longer...

this post is going to be of a cookout my mom & i hosted at her house for a bunch of my friends. my highschool friends are still very close & now they are in the married with kids phase. so- let me apologize for the majority of the pictures being our adorable little boys nicholas & leo, born 6 weeks apart. i just can't help myself.

they're curious little buggers & best friends already. well it's kinda whether they like it or not. but we think they like it :)

mitchell. he kinda smells so no one gets too close ;)

maria, carson & my sister. talking about moving to new york city.

kelly can make nicholas giggle till i pee in my pants. its adorable!

leo & his bbbbbbbbbluuueee eyes. he's attacking me for more banana here.

megan & ryle. megan has been a dear friend of mine since we were in 2nd grade. we use to call ourselves mickey & nickey. but we can't remember who was who :)

my sister stephanie, the bad influence!

nicholas & my mom, margie. it looks like he's saying "whatchyou talking bout willis?"

ruth getting her workout in.

ruth & her husband bryan.

dave & nicholas. aw.

sarah & leo. aww.

my friend, walter, was there too, but he worked the grill & cleaned all night- i hardly saw him, he was such a good maid! thanks walter :)