Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

kate & pat

were married at the botanical gardens. it was intimate & beautiful. they had such a great group surrounding them as they took this incredible step in their lives. the party was awesome & i left before it got crazy :)

enjoy some of my favorites:

exchanging rings.

we ran away to get some cute portraits throughout the gardens.


i think this one is my absolute favorite.

i think kate looks so serene & peaceful here. like, "yeah, i just got married."

this one is cute too.

pat's shoes were awesome!

the rings.

& the dancing begins.

pat & his mom dancing.

kate's parents shaking it!

they totally smooshed the cup cakes!!!

the boys were all about that garter.

the gardens looked great on this slightly chilly special night.

kate & pat... may you have a lifetime of cupcakes & laughter! thank you for letting me share this day with you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

just the 10 of us...

wasn't that a movie title?

anyways. on saturday i got to meet an awesome family... they have 8 children with 2 sets of twins! how great is that? they were all so kind & sweet & we had a great time.

here are some of my favorites!

i love this one of all the kids.

the lovely ladies.

the handsome boys.

tehee. the boys had awesome glasses.

and now meet the kids:

Martin is 3.

Kimball is 6.

Hailey is 10.

Samuel is 11.

Braxton is 11.

Sydnie is 15.

Brittany is 15.

Brianne is 17.

Julie & Devin, the wonderful parents.

in order!

there was a major attack!

we did a couple formal portraits!

& some fun portraits.

& even more fun!

they had just got these cows & they wanted a picture with them... it was tough work!

and this is my absolute favorite! i think is the one for the canvas in the living room :)

it was lovely to meet you all. thanks for letting me hang out for the morning :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

the gregory's

are good friends of ours. they have a stephanie & we have a stephani & they happen to be bestfriends (which i will take complete credit for because i was stephanie g's big sis at sacred heart & i would drag my sister to lunch with us ;) they asked if i'd do a lil session for them with their newest, cutest addition -lucy.

they all dressed up in their uofk blues, even lucy. we met up at the park & got some cute pictures!

here are a few of my favorites:

marty, jeff, chris, miss lucy & stephanie. kids & grandkids!

i want to be front & center :)

grandma joins in as they cheer for the cards! tehee.


i want to eat your camera!! she was very curious about the clicker.

and now with everyone. i love how colorful the background is!

and then a cute one of steph & donald, who's wedding i did forever ago :) what 3 years now?

thanks gregory's for letting me play with you for the day!

dushawn & gwyn

are two of my favorite girls! dushawn and i suffered through math 101 together back in college and our bond has been strong ever since. her family has recently moved back to ky after living in mississippi for a few years & it's such a treat for me because i can see them way more often now. they came to visit me in nashville before allison & paul's wedding. gwyn had her first smore that weekend!

well, this past visit was pretty memorable too. we got to celebrate her 6th birthday & her first tooth came out on her birthday- how cool is that!

so to celebrate we had a little picnic at brown park with lunch from my uncle's bakery (phlen's). gwyn brought her girlfriend, becca, along & they both got to pick out special cupcakes for the occasion! (these are with my point & shoot, so please forgive the quality)

we couldn't get their sparkler candles to light. so we had to pretend!

isn't childhood wonderful?

& then i just thought this was purty.

we played at the park for a bit & then we headed home to watch movies before having a cookout with some of my cousins who were in town for a short visit.

the next morning before they headed back to bg we got a mini session in. so i wanted to post a few of my favorites!

i love this one!

yowsers those eyes.

and theres my girl with her baby tooth missing!

it's so much fun seeing you guys more then once every 3 years. i'm getting spoiled :)