Monday, November 10, 2008

the gregory's

are good friends of ours. they have a stephanie & we have a stephani & they happen to be bestfriends (which i will take complete credit for because i was stephanie g's big sis at sacred heart & i would drag my sister to lunch with us ;) they asked if i'd do a lil session for them with their newest, cutest addition -lucy.

they all dressed up in their uofk blues, even lucy. we met up at the park & got some cute pictures!

here are a few of my favorites:

marty, jeff, chris, miss lucy & stephanie. kids & grandkids!

i want to be front & center :)

grandma joins in as they cheer for the cards! tehee.


i want to eat your camera!! she was very curious about the clicker.

and now with everyone. i love how colorful the background is!

and then a cute one of steph & donald, who's wedding i did forever ago :) what 3 years now?

thanks gregory's for letting me play with you for the day!

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