Wednesday, November 5, 2008

summer & john

summer & i worked at an art gallery in scottsdale together when i first moved here. i owe that job & how unhappy i was there because it was the motivation i needed to start my business. one door closes another opens!

anyways, i loved all the employees there & still see them randomly, so when summer called and asked me to do her wedding i was ecstatic. she is a beautiful girl & i knew she would be a very graceful & elegant bride.

well, the day finally came! summer and john were married a few weeks ago on october 18th at the phoenix art museum. it was a beautiful venue but a few too many rules for my taste. I totally recommend the wedding planner they hired: kristin seagren with green envy events. and the band: snake eyes, was awesome!

here are a few of my favorites:

summer getting her hair padouffed at carsten's salon. they did an excellent job with everyone's hair.

her bridesmaids were hilarious and so much fun to be around, as you can see.

her make-up was beautifully done by leeann kirby .

see? beautiful.

i ordered this on canvas for my studio- isn't the dress amazing? she had it custom made.

john approaching his soon to be bride for their special moment! he randomly found a cowboy hat & thought it would be funny. look at how gentlemenly he is.

the very handsome john.

possibly my favorite portrait. i was cracking up as they sweetly argued how to mimic the figures :)

but then i love this one too.

summer had these awesome shoes personalized to say mrs. watson!

so serious.

the whole wedding party... looking good.

john & his brother... they were hilarious together.

here she comes.

here he eagerly awaits.

summer wanted her dog, moose, to be involved :) and he did brilliantly.

kiss that bride!

the reception room looked gorgeous.

first dance. i loved this angle.

john's brother & best friend gave an awesome speech, that left the bride & groom a little embarrassed!!!

and then. john got up with the band and sang a song to summer. it was titled 'i want summer all year long'. i admit it. i cried like a baby. i'm crying again as i type this- it was so so sweet and funny.

the audience loved it & summer looked so beautiful as she was being serenaded.

at least i wasn't the only cry baby ;)

and then it was on to some fun items. the bouquet toss- was awesome.

the guys outdid the ladies though- they were hardcore!


everyone had such a great time.

they didn't want the party to end!

even grandma!

but it did. as all things do, but not with out some roses in your face!

summer & john... thank you. i cried more at your wedding, especially during john's tribute on guitar, than i have in a long time. you have a special love- a very special love.

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