Monday, November 10, 2008

dushawn & gwyn

are two of my favorite girls! dushawn and i suffered through math 101 together back in college and our bond has been strong ever since. her family has recently moved back to ky after living in mississippi for a few years & it's such a treat for me because i can see them way more often now. they came to visit me in nashville before allison & paul's wedding. gwyn had her first smore that weekend!

well, this past visit was pretty memorable too. we got to celebrate her 6th birthday & her first tooth came out on her birthday- how cool is that!

so to celebrate we had a little picnic at brown park with lunch from my uncle's bakery (phlen's). gwyn brought her girlfriend, becca, along & they both got to pick out special cupcakes for the occasion! (these are with my point & shoot, so please forgive the quality)

we couldn't get their sparkler candles to light. so we had to pretend!

isn't childhood wonderful?

& then i just thought this was purty.

we played at the park for a bit & then we headed home to watch movies before having a cookout with some of my cousins who were in town for a short visit.

the next morning before they headed back to bg we got a mini session in. so i wanted to post a few of my favorites!

i love this one!

yowsers those eyes.

and theres my girl with her baby tooth missing!

it's so much fun seeing you guys more then once every 3 years. i'm getting spoiled :)

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  1. I am so greatful for the time we had! I love you bunches! Thank you for this beautiful tooth-missing smile!! She doesn't smile this much for pictures that I try to take of her. Thank your mother again for her hospitality, & tell her we said hello please. Miss you dearly!!
    Dushawn & Gwynivere