Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dave & taryn & their sweet baby girl; phoenix family photographer

taryn & dave are such sweet, sweet people. i photographed their wedding & their engagement session! they moved about a year ago to florida :( but came back a few weekends ago to visit their friends. when i got the email saying "we're coming in town & want to do a session" i was so excited!

meet ms. adley! she's a cool girl.

precious lil fingers.

& sweet little toes.

love this one! you are beautiful taryn.

these two are constantly giggling. which is a huge secret to surviving parenthood!!!

these next three are adorable... ms.adley cooing & smiling.

i love doing new baby sessions... watching the parents is breathtaking.

last wardrobe change baby girl! we promise. :)

it was so lovely meeting you adley. and dave & taryn, hurry and get your butts back to arizona!

Monday, September 26, 2011

rosemary & clay's wedding; kentucky wedding photographer

clay, rose & i were all art majors at western together. rosie was my roomie our last semester... they are some of my favorite peops. this day has been in the works for many, many years & i think everyone that knows them believes they're perfect together!

they were married on rose's aunt's property outside of frankfort ky. it was gorgeous! it'd been a rainy week but we got beautiful skies for their big day!

they posted signs so we wouldn't get lost... i still got lost :)~

they chose to have a quaker ceremony & here they're preparing clay's family with the details.

this was the backup location for the wedding in case we didn't get the blue skies... isn't it gorgeous? i threatened to stay forever.

they made all of the beautiful decorations themselves or had close friends help.

her gorgeous dress.

isn't she beautiful?!

the parents walking them to their ceremony...

i love the anticipation on their faces.

rose asked that everyone pick a wildflower & that became her bouquet!

everyone sat around them in a circle. that pile of ruble became the bonfire later that night!


they made their rings out of quarters... crazy huh? very romantic.

a lil footsie!

brad & adrienne made their beautiful marriage certificate. everything was incredibly unique!

friends & family were allowed to speak during the ceremony & say whatever they were moved to say. it was seriously, the most beautiful, heartfelt ceremony i'd ever been to. everyone cried as they told why they loved them, why they're so happy they're together, etc. here is rose's brother sharing his story.

more fabulous art peops.

this is a hickory stick. they're supposed to carve an image onto it for their wedding & then anytime a milestone comes they're supposed to carve another one. how cool is that?

these portraits make me giddy. so, so, sooo beautiful.

lord, do i love these two kids.

maybe my favorite.

so dang cute!


another favorite.

proud mary made some yummy taco's!

buncha cute kids watching a movie.

these pies were delicious & made by pi pies!!!!

some of the art gang!

first dance ;) the lovely band was stirfry musette.

so pretty. some slow dancin.

rose dancin' with her daddy.

at the end of the night we lit some wish lanterns, an awesome gift they received. so cool!

i AM soooo happy for you two. & i can't wait to see where your journey together takes you. love!