Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dave & taryn & their sweet baby girl; phoenix family photographer

taryn & dave are such sweet, sweet people. i photographed their wedding & their engagement session! they moved about a year ago to florida :( but came back a few weekends ago to visit their friends. when i got the email saying "we're coming in town & want to do a session" i was so excited!

meet ms. adley! she's a cool girl.

precious lil fingers.

& sweet little toes.

love this one! you are beautiful taryn.

these two are constantly giggling. which is a huge secret to surviving parenthood!!!

these next three are adorable... ms.adley cooing & smiling.

i love doing new baby sessions... watching the parents is breathtaking.

last wardrobe change baby girl! we promise. :)

it was so lovely meeting you adley. and dave & taryn, hurry and get your butts back to arizona!

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