Thursday, October 15, 2009

blog action day.

today. bloggers are supposed to unite & talk about this here planet. & how much it means to us. & how we can start changing our ways to keep it healthy.

one new thing we're adding to our list is: composting :0 we've started with a little bin & hope to purchase a big plastic one that's easy to turn soon.

& i just ordered my reusable bags that will serve as my christmas wrappings because they're 60% off right now!

something that continues to erk me (& i'm talking to you mama & everyone at costco!!) plastic bottles. what's the point. they're expensive & sooooooooo wasteful. please, please, please buy a reusable bottle from nalgene or klean kantene. those are on sale too at reusable bags! even if you recycle those plastic throw away bottles you're still using earth's resources when there is a much better solution. and it's easy. AND IT'S GOING TO SAVE YOU MONEY.

finn's starting to wake up so i'll just leave you with a challenge:

this month, change one thing you do on a regular basis to a more earth friendly option.

i thank you in adavance!

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  1. check out heine brothers at home - i think i remember seeing composting dirt and bags - gotta love that place!!!